Women’s situation, changing in the world?

Progress or a threat to the future of women’s Rights? Unlike in west countries, Arabia Saudi is a country in which women are discriminated and one of the things that they have forbidden is to do sport. Why does it happen in countries like that?

We see it as something immoral and inhuman that breaks with the universal rights. However, people from Arab countries, in this case, from Saudi Arabia, think that this kind of behaviour is quite normal.

Nevertheless, there are some particular cases in which women are recognised as something more than a simple object that has no participation in the society. A very interesting and a possible example to take a step to the progress of women situation is Dalma Malhas.  In the next Olympic games of 2012 this young girl may compete against other girls and she will be the first girl who plays in those games representing Saudi Arabia. However, Malhas competed in Singapore Youth Games in the year 2010 but she was elected by the International Olympic Committee. This situation is not only exceptional  but also  very important because this is the first time that an Arab woman can probably go to the Olympic games.

Looking at the current situation in Saudi Arabia women don’t have the chance to do nothing if they are not accompanied by their husbands. In addition, they have to cover themselves up wearing burqa or hijab and they cannot drive any car or eat alone into a restaurant. And if we realise that this is happening why don’t we do nothing?

The situation of women in those Arab countries has always been the same, they are submitted to men and they have no right to freedom of expression or participation in the society issues. Therefore, many international organizations work in order to look for Arab women social welfare.

Although the situation has not changed we can observe that globalization has created a transformation in women’s mind and therefore they look for their rights although it is a very difficult problem that they have to solve.

Written by Andrea Sánchez , Victor Corvera, Marta Saguar and María Cortés


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