Interview to Dave Yan Yu

Dave Yan Yu is from Jinjiang City, a country level city of Quanzhou City, Fujian, in the People’s Republic of China. Dave is a foreign trade salesman that is responsible for contacting, finding business opportunities and making business with foreign countries and foreign companies around the world.

I have chosen to interview Dave because he used to make business with my uncle that lives in Brazil, selling and exporting mainly machinery and equipments for large scale production for factories. He has always lived in China, so I thought it would be very interesting to interview someone that has a deep understanding of this country and that has contact with many countries around the globe.

Can you talk a little bit about the city you live in?

I’m from Jinjiang City. It’s a big city, but not as big as other cities in China. There are a little over a million people living here in Jinjiang. The city is known as the shoes capital of China because we have many factories that operate here, especially in the clothing and shoes industry.

Could you briefly talk about the culture in your country?

It is a little hard to talk about our culture, that are so many aspects and things that I can say and tell you about. I think that is because our culture is broad and profound, and very different from the western culture. I could start talking about the religion, that is very distint but I’m not a very religious man myself. There’s also the politics in our country, which I think it must be very different from yours. What I want to say too is that it seems to be very hard for people to understand the Chinese essence.

And why do you think that is hard for people to understand the chinese essence? 

Because we are very different from the rest of the world, mostly in cultural aspects. And now that China is growing and the world is starting to pay more attention to us, they are starting to see these big differences and sometimes people seem not to accept that very well, and I think that is starting to have some effect on our society.

What kind of effects?

I think that China pays too much attention to the development of economy and ignores the culture protection and action. In my opinion, China should have some changes to improve the morals in all the society. That means China should develop  its excellent tranditional culture. But in someway, I think that the government hasn’t been doing their best on this aspect.

What do you work with in your country?

I am the foreign trade salesman in my country, I sell mainly machinery for large-scale production for factories and companies. It’s machinery to produce shoes, clothes and many other things. What I think is very interesting in my job is that I can get in touch and know many different people from different places and countries.

Would ever consider living in a country different from China?

Yes, I would like to live in another country and open up a business, I think that are many countries out there that offer good opportunities for business, like Brazil for example. But I think that in the end, China is my first choice, I like it here and I know I’m not leaving here soon.

You mentioned before that the politics in your country is different. How’s the politics in China?

The politics work well here. However, some officials can not serve for people well. President Hu does a great job in my opinion, even yesterday, today and tomorrow. You know, China is so big and so hard to manage, control. Now he is doing  good.We trust him a lot here.

What can you tell me about the current economic situation in China?

 The economy of China is good right now, we’re growing a lot, there’s a lot of investments happening here right now. However, I don’t think that the money that is coming in because of our economic growth is being equally distributed among everyone. It seems that the rich become richer, while the poor, poorer. So I can say that there is  a bit of a ressentiment, and it becomes worse and worse everyday.

What do you know about the current crisis in Spain and in Europe?

Honestly, I don’t know very much about the current crisis in Span and Europe. All I know is that they are having some trouble with the economy and there are lots of strikes happening and people are losing their jobs and can’t find new ones, and they are not happy about it.

Dave did not want take a picture for the interview.

By Gabriela Montenegro Siqueira de Matos Luis


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