ME: Hello Wei, how have you been?


WEI: I’m good how are you? We don’t talk in forever, I miss you


ME: I miss you to my brother, so let’s starts with the interview?


WEI: Yes sure


ME: First introduce yourself, What’s your name? Where are you from? How old are you?


WEI: My name in Ching Wei Chang, I’m fromTaiwanand I’m nineteen years old.


ME: Awesome! Can you give us a little facts aboutTaiwan? Like the main informations that we would like to know?



WEI: Well the capital ofTaiwanisTaipei, it is the economical and cultural centre of the country, New Taipei is the most populous city. The official language ofTaiwanis mandarin but Taiwanese Hokkien is the language spoken by the majority.


ME: Which is the religion ofTaiwan?


WEI: The most popular religion inTaiwanis Buddhism, we also have Taoism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, and Bahaism.


ME: What is the most popular sport inTaiwan?


WEI: The national sport of Taiwanis baseball. It is also the most popular sport. Basketball is the second-most popular sport, we also have Taekwondo ,a martial art widely practiced in Taiwan.



ME: So right now you are studying in the u.s right? Why the U.S? is it important to have this experience inTaiwanof going to another country to study?


WEI: Yes it is really important, learning another language, another culture and experiences new things are great toTaiwanbusiness, it will be easier to find a job in the future.


ME: Cool, what about the military obligation in your country, what did you do about it?


WEI:Well they are really restrict in this area, if you don’t show up to the military training, you will probably end up in jail. I had to ask my school supervisor to send an email toTaiwantelling that I was a student in the U.S and I would not be able to participate in the military program.


ME: Interresanting, now about the food, how’s the food inTaiwan? How does it compare with the U.S food? Which one do you like the most?


WEI: InTaiwanthe food isn’t so weird as they are in china, we basically eat noodles and rice everyday, like you eat rice and beans in brasil huh?. American food doesn’t look liketaiwan’s food at all, they want to make the ‘cooking’ simple while inTaiwanthere are always little rituals to follow in the meal time.


ME: How is the weather? I heard that it’s always hot!


WEI: Yes you are right, the average temperature is 25’ C , 77’ F. It’s always warm even in the winter.


ME: How about the government, isTaiwana democracy?


WEI: YesTaiwanis a democracy.


ME: Is the public transportation efficient? How does it work?


WEI: Yes the public transportation of Taiwan is one of the best that I have ever seen, you can get everywhere, most of the people in Taiwan don’t have a car, not because they can’t afford it, but because the public transportation can take you whatever you want, leaving the car as a 2 option.


ME: Tell me alittle bit about the technology ofTaiwan, is it a country like japan? Or doesn’t have so many techs?


WEI: We are pretty much japan in the aspect, we have internet Wireless in everywhere, once I was lost in a little town in the middle of nowhere and I had just my cellphone with me, you probably would think that the wireless would never connect in this area, but it connected, even me got surprised where they had put Wireless rsrs.


ME: When we think aboutAsia, we think about little houses where a lot of people lives together in a crowd. Is it like that inTaiwan?


WEI: No, houses like that just in a few areas that are still being constructed by the government. The main majority are apartaments and really tall buildings, we have the second tallest building in the world, it is named asTaipei101.Everything is big,Taiwanseens to be very small, but once inside of it you start to repair that everything is so distant and big, it looks like U.S, everything is huge!


ME: I think we have done! It was nice to talk to you! I hope we can see each other soon. Thank you for your time Wei!


WEI: Welcome my brother! Really nice talking to you, let’s do it again another time! Have a nice year inSpain! Miss you


Thank you Wei! Miss you too.


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