Guest that tells us “the reality” from his own experience

Jose Maria Peredo is a professor of International Relations and Comunication that works in UEM and he has given us a very interesting class in which we have learned the situation in the “Middle East”, especially in Iran and how the religion is a really polemic topic in that area as well

This guest has shown us a different reality of what we see at the newspapers and televisión about the most problematic area of the World. Iran is a country which is around states that don’t share the same islamic branch. that’s why this country is looping for its own security by developing an improtant arsenal of nuclear weapons. That has carried a really critical situation where states are feeling really worried so what they have done is to sanction Iran.This action of the other countries has come out to create tension and aggressivenes between states and that should end in a way.

The talk that Peredo gave to us talked about the Islam religión as well. He gave us a very general idea of what Islam was and finally he specified in two branches of this known and universal religión: Suni Islam and Chii Islam. Both have different ways of interpreting this religion.

We all are in the opinion that this lesson that this International Relations and Comunication proffesor has given to us, has been very interesting and very enriching as well. So in conclusion, we have enjoyed the talk he has given to us and we hop ewe have more lessons like this because through this way guests let us know about their experiences and their personal opinion of different topics so that we enrich our proper thought and knowledge about culture and other places of the world.

Written by : Andrea Sánchez, Victor Corvera, Marta Saguar and María Cortés.


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