The EP calls on Switzerland to cancel your veto ‘illegal’ to Europeans

By Isidoro Arriola, Rafael Lopez, Alejandra Rojo and Patricia Martínez.

The European Parliament on Thursday urged the Swiss government to reverse the decision “discriminatory and illegal” you have taken in imposing fees for residence permits long-term citizens from eight European countries.

In a resolution adopted with 486 votes in favor, 30 against and 27 abstentions, the European Parliament “deeply regrets” the restoration in Switzerland quota restricting the free movement of citizens, in this case from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia , Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The measure is “discriminatory and illegal,” MEPs consider as it is directed against European citizens based on their nationality and has no legal basis under existing agreements between the EU and Switzerland.
MEPs have expressed concern that the Swiss government is considering imposing more restrictive measures and believe that the EU and the Helvetic

Confederation should enhance cooperation to facilitate the free movement of persons.

The European Parliament has asked the European Commission to address this issue urgently with the Swiss government.

On the other hand, MEPs reiterate their concern that Switzerland’s refusal to allow German and Austrian taxis pick up passengers at Swiss airports and ask the Commission to verify whether this measure is consistent with the agreement signed between the EU and Switzerland in 1999.


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