A “Green oasis” out of the trash.

Just a few days ago was opened in Rio de Janeiro the “Sitié”, a former landfill located in the favela Vidigal which has been transformed in an ecologic park. This park has an spectacular view of the sea and the beautiful landscapes of Rio de Janeiro.
This project has been created by a number of volunteers; they are working on it for about six years. This initiative entered in the ONU program about sustainable development, from June 18 this year all foreign delegations could visit this creation that to come out of the trash and is the work of a number of people.
This process consists to perform a cleanup of the area with the implantation of trees and flowers in different places of the favela. One part of this park has been arranged for children to learn gardening
This favela was characterized in Rio de Janeiro because there there is one of the biggest dump in this city. The founder of “Sitié”, Mauro Quintanilha, note that this area was converted into a dump because this was a secluded place, for this reason people started to take their garbage there and thinks that they want to undo.
So that a lot of people used this thinks, useless for some people, to create art. For example the case of a marble craftsman 58 years old that was dedicated to use crystal of the bottles to decorate park benches.
These volunteers become artists; their objective is to use garbage to decorate this place. It isn’t important if it is garbage, the importance is recycle and achieve a richness that comes from the trash.
This part of the favela decided to be evicted because the garbage was very abundant, there aren’t any public service or collection of garbage, as in many others favelas of Rio de Janeiro. The garbage was coming to the vicinity of the Niemever Avenue, which is along the cost.
The cleanup work was carried out for 20 urns volunteers during one year and all that was recoverable or recyclable it was.
The founder of “Sitié”, Mauro Quintanilha, acknowledges that it has been hard to convince people that this site isn’t a dump now a day, have conducted briefings to inform and awareness people. This action was very effective because people today help volunteers to reform the place.
Is important to know that these type of problems are abundant in these places because most people do not recycle, only 26% of the population recycle. Although 86% of the population is aware that it is important to do and duty of all.


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