Island of Dokdo

Date: June 1, 2012

By: Ananda Araujo Cerdan,Ibón Joung, Sara Setién, Eduardo Márquez and Virginia Mazón

   Dokdo Island is an island situated in the southeast of Asia, between South Korea and Japan. The island is populated by South Korean citizens, and protected by the national coastguards. This geographical area caused lots of polemic due to the fact that both Korean and Japanese governments claimed the islands sovereignty. Japanese considers Dokdo or Takeshima for the Japanese part of the Okinoshima city, Koreans on the other hand defends that the area is part of the county of Ulleung in the north of the province of Gyeongsang.

The island is practically uninhabitable but it is still a really important surface, economically it is acknowledged to be rich in natural gas deposits and militarily the location is great for a military base of South Korean troops. South Korea had been using this geographical area since the end of World War II but in the late 2005 Japanese government asked for the full sovereignty of the land, to which Korea denied. Then the great polemic started; Dokdo was part of the Japanese territory since Edo period (1603~ 1868) when the Korean Empire was part of the Japanese territory thanks to a previous invasion, in defence to Koreans leaned on the Silla period (512 a. D.) where the chronic of the “Three Kingdom’s” confirms that the island is part of South Korean territory. Actually there are only 2 citizens (Kim Sung-do (김성도) and Kim Shin-yeol (김신열)) living in the island together with 40 government workers (police, lighthouse keepers, Fishery Ministry personnel).

The big polemic started when the U.S. Boards found out the island with a no clear sovereignty, and as both states claimed for the sovereignty they took the case to an international court, which was the San Francisco Peace Treaty because the SFPT was written within the framework of the laws of war, often called “the customary laws of warfare.” Within its own geographic range, it is the highest-ranking document of international law in the post WWII era.

According to the San Francisco Peace Treaty (SFPT) of 1952, there are two problems: How are we to interpret the ownership of: one, islands given up by Japan but where no “receiving country” is specified, or two, islands which are not even clearly mentioned in the treaty. As the island has no clear receiving country, is declared to be an un-demarcated territory or limbo cession, and according to the SFPT, any limbo cessions or un-demarcated territory is governed under the sovereignty of the conqueror. But there is still no definitive decision made even if it leans more to the South Korean sovereignty.

Every Asian countries are pretty patriotic, truly Korean citizen defend that Dokdo is Korean territory and they infuriate because Japanese apart from thinking it publishes those lies, when still isn´t clear jet the sovereignty of the island. The shocking thing is that even veteran soldiers show that outburst against Japanese, their excuse was “on the 2nd World War caused too much pain to our country and know they even want to take our lands from us…This is an insult and provocation”.


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