No plan B

Since last Friday, massive shootings, killings and bombings have been the order of the day inSyria- especially people of the village Houla have experienced horrific past days due to the massacre carried out by the Syrian military. According to Amnesty International, at least 108 deaths have been found in the region of Teldo, most of them women and children. In fact, since the UN observer mission started over 1300 people have been reported dead.

“11-year old boy from Houla survived the massacre by smearing himself in his brother’s blood and playing dead….” (twitter) Children are lying in a morgue in Houla and “waiting” to be buried. (amanpourblogs) A film student, Bassel Shahade, was shot on Monday while filming the massacre. A woman named Fawzia fainted after she was shot through her hand. When she regained consciousness, the scene that greeted her was one of horror. “I looked around and I found my daughters dead”, she told The Daily Telegraph by telephone from Houla still weeping uncontrollably. “One of them – her hand was cut off. My cousin and her four sons were killed. My sister and her six-week-old daughter were killed. I want someone to save us. Where can I go, where in the world is there anyone to protect us? What is the guilt of a six-week-old child?”

Child Survives Al-Houla Massacre By Playing Dead: on the brink of civil war. The children, women and men of Houla were not killed by random shelling. The UN yesterday revealed that they were murdered, one by one. According to the UN the militia came in the night armed with knives and guns and the young victims were executed with a bullet to the head or a knife to the throat. When will these cruel and unjust killings end? Why is the whole world watching and not acting? Why isRussiastill “supporting” Assad? At the moment, it seems like nobody has an answer to these questions.

In the last couple of days – especially in the past few hours – the news has been coming thick and fast. The social media channels like twitter and facebook are exploding due to people posting the latest news from the country and asking the world for help. Despite this the United Nations and the Western world want to find a diplomatic solution for this issue. The current situation is as follows:

  • 13 countries have now asked Syrian diplomats to leave
  • Security council to be briefed on Annan’s talks with Assad
  • ChinaandRussiarule out forced regime change
  • UN confirms further killings inSyria
  • Russiais “categorically against” a military intervention

ConsideringRussia’s stance for not getting involved, the world is still waiting for action from the country. Even Ban Ki-Moon, General Secretary of the UN, says that at the moment there is no plan B. The world has to hope that a diplomatic solution can be achieved. But if the UN and the Western World do not intervene very soon it will have an even worse ending for the Syrian people. Hence there is only one real solution – a political transition that begins with the departure of the Assad-Maklouf family mafia, and a change in government needs to come about sooner rather than later to help start what will be a very tough rebuilding effort. This process of change could begin tomorrow, ifRussiawould see the necessity for intervention, along with support for the UN and the proposed peace-plan.


Linn Andersson, Jesús Alcántara Landa, Danira Milosevic and Ángela Gutiérrez Moreno.


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