In February 2013 a new Korea Crisis broke out in the Korean peninsula. North Korea has threatened numerous times to launch nuclear warheads against South Korea and the United States. China’s recently elected president Xi-Jinping and his government have strongly criticized Kim Jong-un aggressive foreign policy although also stating that “China will not help the US to punish North Korea”. China finds itself involved in this crisis due to the fact that it is North Korea’s only ally, providing the North with economic aid, fuel and more vital contributions. US Secretary of State John Kerry has assured South Korean president Park Geun-hye and Japanese Prime Minster Shinzō Abe that it will defend itself and its allies. Russia is also forcibly involved because it is a regional power and cannot be left outside this dispute. Western government, knowing that China is probably the key to influencing Kim Jong-un, have been pressuring for negotiations with Pyongyang to try to settle tensions in the peninsula. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged Kim Jong-un to improve North Korean’s standard of living instead of focusing on launching missiles.

China is negotiating with US and North-Korea because China doesn’t want the war against west; it wants to maintain the peace and stability. China tries to relax tensions because it has invested money to Europe and US and doesn’t agree North-Korea´s aggressive policy. China is only alley that North-Korea has and it is probably the only one which is capable of stopping nuclear war. China is also concerned the effects of war: they don’t want flood of refugees into China.
We should take account that after North Korea´s nuclear test (February 2013), the communication between these two has been cold and China has showed some impatience with North-Koreas threats toward North-Korea and United States.
Regardless, Chinese leaders have ensured that they are negotiating with North-Korea to refrain from the attack

there was a third nuclear test of North Korea made China re-evaluate the alignment with their neighbor. Despite strong relationship in the past, China put new sanctions imposed by the United Nations to the Korean Peninsula.
Deng Yuwen, Chinese communist and editor, published in February an article encouraging China to abandon North Korea. He referred to imbalanced friendship between both countries and criticized the new leader, Kim Jong-un. “Once North Korea has nuclear weapons, it cannot be ruled out that the capricious Kim regime will engage in nuclear blackmail against China.” Deng’s harsh words led to his dismissal after complaints from Chinese foreign ministry. In view of economic gains from alliance with Korea, many Chinese government officials want to maintain the status quo and instead of thunderbolt, negotiate peace.

The Korean war and the china country has several points in common; also the US have something to do with this confrontation and later we will talk about US role in this conflict.

First of all, talking separately about Korea as a whole, the Korean war was one of the first major armed clash between a more free world and in the other side the communist forces. The chronology of this conflict came firstly with the intervention of the US side trying to invade and get the southern half of the Korean territory. At the same time the soviet troops were planning the control of the other half, the south. Secondly, it continues with the Korean independence in the years 45, was proclaimed by the government in office in South Korea; meanwhile the Soviet Union existent in that period was helping the other side of the conflict, north Korea to be a Republic. Then late, in the first period of June in 1950 the north side invaded the south side of Korea starting with that the unexpected war.

Before the start of the war, it comes the intervention of the UN and also allied with the Chinese army to make the conflict decease, but because of that it suddenly came with the division of the territory in north and south Korea, that last also nowadays. But in the new millennium, which is something that we could not see at the moment, the both sides will work together to find solutions, cooperate and also work together toward a reconciliation. But also we have to say that the Korean War still has much to teach us.

In 12 February 2013 the Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China Yang Jiechi that his country opposes to the latest nuclear test of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. This raised the question about the stability of the relations between China and North Korea.  Many argue that the relations between them have become colder after the death of Kim Jong-il and that his successor Kim Jong-un has failed in his communication with the Chinese leaders. The young North Korea tried to show his power to South Korea and the United States but he did it to China too. Many people in China consider the foreign policy of North Korea as too harsh and it is the main reason for the end of the closer relationship between the two states.



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