Somalia: When will the attacks be over?

Once again, unexpected and ruthless, another terrorist attack hit Mogadishu. Sunday 14, April; the location: Supreme Court. Suddenly chaos shows up, the result of the explosions: 35 victims and one of a foreign country, Mahad Ali Dhore a Canadian reporter of CBS was killed during the attack ( At the same time seven men in coordination with the bombs, entered armed in the tribunal after one bomb car exploded at the front door, and open fire to the people there (; until the government soldier (that mainly where members of the army of the African Union) showed up. A shooting took place ending up with 19 persons deceased.


Picture from BBC.

This is not new for the Mogadishu population; they are used to suffer the attacks of terrorist groups and the shooting of the main snipers that hides all over the city killing innocents and soldier without distinction just to spread the terror in a city that bleeds since 1989. “ If Mogadishu is to see real change or progress in the rule of law, then protecting these kinds of places is clearly going to have to be part of the agenda for the new government” said Leslie Lefkow, deputy Africa director for Human Rights. The African Union has dispatched about 10000 soldiers from other countries just in order to control the city because the Somalia government is not able even to control his own official buildings.
This extremely ruthless and brutal terrorist attack went under the shadow of the bombs in Boston. Which gives an idea of does the Media concentrate in different news; depending on the region it is being talked about.
Sandra Elorriaga, Nathalie González, Jorge del Prado, Alberto Hernández & Andrés Escorial.


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