Kosovo: Will it Ever Be Fully Recognised?

Written by Sean Farrell, Saskia Schink, Joe Wood, Sergio Perez and Roman Koshivka

The small region of Kosovo, located in the south of Serbia, has been at the centre of a territorial row since its Declaration of Independence in 2008. Five years later, the row continues. Some countries do not recognize Kosovo as an Independent State, but rather as a Serbian province and institution. What is the situation of Kosovo within international community? Is Kosovo welcome to become an Independent State?

The European Union has begun urging the five EU countries that do not yet recognise Kosovo as an Independent State: Spain, Slovakia, Romania, Greece and Cyprus, to reconsider their stance.

The Serbian and Kosovar Prime Ministers have finally reached an agreement to allow Kosovo to claim independence and to not block each other’s attempt to join the EU. This follows many previous failed attempts at reaching an agreement. The issue is not just related to independence, it also has to do with the population of Kosovo, it is mostly Albanian but in the northern part of the region there is a small number of Serbians. During one of the failed meetings, Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said “Serbia is supposed to let Kosovo be a member of international organizations? Well then let’s just write down that we recognize Kosovo as independent. […]We couldn’t accept that, and we will never accept that.

Despite the agreement that both countries are not going to obstruct each other in the race to join the EU, Serbia insists that it does not want Kosovo to become a member of other international institutions, such us the UN.

Not all countries in the EU agree to Kosovo becoming a new member: Spain, Slovakia, Greece, Romania and Cyprus all refuse to recognize the region as independent from Serbia. Mariano Rajoy, President of the Spanish Government, said that his country refuses to recognise “unilateral independence” but that they will accept certain measures that will help Kosovo to develop and improve conditions within the region.

Even around the world there are differences of opinion regarding Kosovo. Some countries, for example: USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Japan have recognized Kosovo as an independent state, whilst others such as: Russia (and former USSR countries), Brazil, China, India and Mexico have opposed themselves to the proposal for an independent Kosovo. In conclusion, Kosovo still has a long and hard battle ahead if it is to be fully recognised as an independent nation.


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