Africa- is there any hope?

Since the very beginning of our research about the Sub-Saharan Africa region, all the members of our group has been able to see that the starting point, the reason of all the problems that exist in this region is very clear: hunger.

In our opinion, hunger is the origin that results in consequences such as, arm conflicts, corruption, pirates, lack of education and health care. All these problems have been increased due to the lack of basic needs.


As an example to see this clearer, there have been cases of guerillas that have started because of the peasants who fight over the few resources that the countries have, this is extended into a tribal social issue, in which politics and religions also gets involved. As we can see in the Kony case, a conflict can start with the fighting over food, and when the conflict enlarges one side, usually the weaker one, uses their religion to convince others of the same religion position to fight by their side, using the religion itself as an argument to why they should get involved.

Other important issue extended in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa is the conflict of terrorism. These groups take as an advantage the lack of education (analphabets) in these areas to recruit and train them as soldiers and to fight by their side, without them really knowing what they are fighting for.

The most common problem that is derived from these issues that we mentioned above, are the child soldiers that along with the women; are the forgotten victims of all these conflicts.


We truly believe that to end all these conflicts, and give stability to this region (both in a political and a civil sphere) it will be necessary to provide and cover the basic needs in the Sub-Saharan Region of Africa.  Once that the basic needs alongside with a minimum of health medical assistance were covered, it would be possible to develop the rest of the areas needed in order to give stability to the region, such as; an educational, administrative, economic and social systems. Once these are achieved, certain governments will be allowed to exert control and lead the country into a good path.


In our view, Africa cannot achieve all this goals by itself. It will need the help of the rest of the world. Nevertheless, our principal critic is focus on the aid that the rest of the world provides and the Medias. First of all, the aid that the rest of the world sent to Africa is not enough and with the actual financial crisis is starting to be lower and lower, to the point that famines are starting to rise in all the regions (e.g. Somalia). Second, the Medias are not really focusing on the issues that exist there so there is no awareness created; a good example is the bombing that took place at the same day in Boston and Somalia. Despite of this Boston overlap Mogadishu.

Finally, from our point of view the conflicts in Africa will not be solved until they cover all the basic need and this will not be a realistic solution unless the rest of the world is willing to send aid and technological devices to the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa’s future is still not hopeless, nevertheless if we do not take any action that day may be closer than we think.

No website has been consulted, as this is an opinion article, we rely on the information obtained during these months of studying the Sub-Saharan Region.

Nathalie González, Andrés Escorial, Alberto Hernández, Jorge del Prado & Sandra Elorriaga.


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