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As i said, i was going to change the person being interviewed for this Final project. This person has a name and also has an important influence in a very famous newspaper in the country of Spain called El Pais, where she works with Asia news, events or other issues and transcribe them into the weekly newspaper.

Naiara Galarraga, a journalist working for the international section in one of the most read newspapers in Spain; focused on Asia region. She was born in 1971 in San Sebastian from Donostia, a town in the north of Spain peninsula. Some of the articles she has written, with titles like ‘’Kazajistan no será hoy o mañana una democracia jeffersoniana’’, and as actual news we can highlight an article about Bangladesh clash, ‘’Inditex y H&M pactan mejorar la seguridad en fabricas bangladesies’’ , has had a lot of influence and also they allow us to understand more deeply the events going on in that part of the World.

Beginning with some reasons that motivates her to do what she is working on nowadays, she talk about the need to travel she had since she was little, and the need also to know what was going on in the world; the curiosity she had about everything was what carry her to the point where she started to develop an idea of what she would like to study for her near future.

She began her studies in the Pais Vasco University in Lejon covering the summer courses that the university provides to the students, were she come across several people that know about different kinds of things; she found diversity between them and then she  went abroad making practices for the whole 3rd year of the degree in journalism and also taking part in a local journal of the Pais Vasco in Spain.

The way she and his group cover the news and also the distribution of the work, consist basically all the group paying attention to the news that can rise up and then try to divide the work by countries of the region. But its also true that the specialization by countries route itself to the news, in does not implies only in transcribing the new, but covering the whole new involves also be in touch with the country history and know more about it historically talking, culture, social live or more. They are covering now and also following a very important event of long duration, the problems and disputes between North and South Korea. They have conclude that it’s a cyclic crisis period, as she also said that ‘’its an environment of maxim belligerency by the side of the North Koreans´´.

What firstly motivates her to focus on that  region  is that it brings together a very considerable part of the world, with a very big amount of young population; is also an area of the world very little known because Spain in concrete and Europe in general has had a very far relation more with that area than with others. Economically speaking it’s a booming and thriving region. Summarizing, is a new field to discover.

She has also worked in the Middle East, another part of the world  she finds interesting.

We have to highlight also another main topic to talk about, the information in journalism has to be biased but not always the truth is being announced. Talking about censured information in that region, it depends from whom does that information comes, as Korea issue if you get the information from the government, from the official agency of news from North Korea, you must know that information provided has been modulate and told with several changes and filters, comparing them with other international agencies like AP( associated press) or Reuters, where the differences are quite clear.

In this topic, we have to take into account the relations between north Korea with China and South Korea with the U.S; all of them are allied in some way, but finally countries stop being friends or start to be friends not only because one cause. Each country has its different interests and they could find others that share the same ones, they create friendship in order to achieve their own interests, but everything can change radically; talking about alliances. Although China and the US are not in the same side they won’t stop being allied between each other, because in this case, for the US, China is a huge trade and from the side of it the US is important for them as it is the global power.

All the international relations among different countries are known as a wide fan of possible decisions and different opinions as well.

Talking finally about the criticism of information, about if there are some critic pressure groups, organizations or forums that criticize the government or the social system of China, we have to say that several think tanks or ONG’s that criticize some Chinese practices or systems . From the Human Rights Watch reports, or the ones from Amnesty International there are quite a lot differences, for example about the death penalty I both countries.

The existence of some kind of opening towards democratic systems of the west, from the Asia region, though all the region is such a huge continent we have to say that in this case, India is the democracy with more habitants with a big amount of serious problems and China is a only party system, but in the lasts months there had been little observations of a possible democracy in a small town in China, where it population rise up in protest and they maintain it several months, and after all the movement the important figures in Chine let them choose their own representatives; it was similar to a democratic process, which doesn’t mean for sure a solid democratic in a near future.


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