First Nuclear Plant After Fukushima


Plan of the nucklear plant

The 17th October 2013, Great Britain government accepted to construct a nuclear plant in the South West Somerset, which is called Hinkley C.  It will be the first nuclear plant after the disaster in Japan Fukushima.  The last nuclear plant in Great Britain was constructed in 1995.

The U.K electricity president Ed Davey  thought that if China, Korea and Japan makes a big investment, the U.K electricity problem will be solved.  This Project will be directed by the French electric enterprice “Électricite de France” (EDF) and a Chinese association “Chinese Nuclear Power Group”  (CGN) who will be participate 40%.  According to this project the relations between China and UK is going to get stronger.  According to this agreement in the future, China will have the possibility to get much more share in the U.K nuclear plants.

Because of the slowly construction of the new nuclear plant, David Cameron indicated that “in 2014-15 there will be big problems in Great Britain’s electricity” however the nuclear plant will start produce energy in 2023. David Cameron said that “this nuclear plant will give 25.000 employments possibilities”.  In addition, Électricite de France (EDF) specifies that the cost will be approximately 16.000 million pounds.

In Europe, Germany decided to place out the nuclear power, meanwhile, France has promised to reduce atomic energy 50% from the electricity generation. The government of Britain and the principal parties are supporting this nuclear energy as much as the population relative to other countries in the region.

The important fact about this whole project is the main risks of the construction of the nuclear plant. First of all, the consortium will have to carry on with the deal of building both reactors at its own risk, also they will have to guarantee a minimum and balanced price for the power generated for the proposed plant in Somerset.

Secondly, government will have to face the criticism about freezing the price of the power for the energy generated by the plant and maintain for the following years.

Last but not least, direct market support for a new nuclear plant is incomparable in Europe since liberalization started two decades ago and Britain will be the first country to seek consent from European Commission’s competition department for this.

Taking everything in to conclusion this new project will create advantages for the economics, relations and developments in U.K taking some risks as well but, “no pain no gain”.


Existing and proposed sites for nuclear power stations


PM Approved head only ii 


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