Why Do Republicans Hate Obamacare?

Nowadays, we constantly hear the word “Obamacare” as it’s the most popular topic right now. Obamacare aims to get all the US citizens under a health insurance with this campaign. Now, in the current system there are two different kinds of healthcare insurances. The first one is The Medicare, which is for people who is over 65 and The Medicaid is for the ones who can’t afford to get a health insurance for themselves. So, as said before, with this new regulation The Democrats aim to get all the population under a governmental insurance.

With this new law, some new regulations will be made. Such as: companies with more than 50 employees will be obligated to provide a healthcare to their workers and people who can’t afford a healthcare will get an aid from the government. The result of this act is to provide healthcare to all American citizens who work or don’t have enough money for this.

Since President Obama signed the Affordable Healthcare Act in 2010, The Republican Party is opposing it. Although they have their own reasons, this healthcare law called “Obamacare” was actually inspired from the Republican’s own healthcare project. However, this opposition is now an authority fight between Democrats and Republicans, at least, from the Republicans side it obviously is. So, why are they opposing this much? What are their reasons?

First of all, according to The Republicans Party, which is a very liberal -economically talking- and an extremely right party, Obamacare is very socialist. For them it’s against their notion. Also for The Republicans, the act will increase unemployment because of the new law mentioned above. According to them, companies will decrease the number of their workers not to be obligated to pay for their insurance.

They also add that the insurance will need to much to pay for the government budget. The most important thing that Republicans always defend is that there should be a “small government” but for them Obamacare is too much government intrusion. In addition to all these, The Republicans think that, government is always less efficient comparing to the private market. So they prefer private market all the time, as they defend a very liberal point of view.

“I do NOT support socializing healthcare in America. I understand that, in every other nation that has socialized health care, the result has predictably been poorer quality healthcare, a crushing tax burden, scarcity and rationing, and complete government control of individual medical decisions.” these words written on Ted Cruz’s official website, summarizes the whole concept of the opposition to this law.

President Obama answers to all these oppositions by saying: “Healthcare is a right, not a privilege!”

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After a government shut-down with enormous consequences, it only remains to ask  ourselves if the two sides are discussing the same topic. It seems that now The  Republicans are opposing just because they’re opposing to Obama itself. The republicans  are against the interference in the private market, but aren’t they comparing moral and  ethical facts to economicals?



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