Hope for the future in Democratic Republic of Congo

On the 27th of October a peacekeeper, member of the United Nations, was killed by the military Congolese group M23.

 A  UN peacekeeper was appointed with other 3000 soldiers to intervene under the UN mandate in order to protect the civilian population in Congo from the rebels. These rebels are part of the M23 movement. This movement was formed after peace accords were made between the DR of Congo a the CNDP (National Congress for Defense  of the People) which was a militiar group. In these accords the CNDP was supposed to join the national army  but the treaty was never put into effect so these rebels decided to create the military group M23,  the date of the treaty (March 23 of 2009).

       The United Nations relationship with the Congo issue has existed since 1999. When the 1279 resolution established the permanent mission called MONUC. The main objective of the MONUC was to restore peace in the region after the second Congolese War. This war ended in 2003 but the mission has continued to face the rebel movement.

M23The M23 have recently wanted to take control of East Congo, where there are places like Goma. Such places are rich in minerals that can be very helpful to the rebels. But the rebel movement is also suspected to be helped by the Democratic Republic of Congo neighbors such as Uganda and Rwanda. Some former members of the movement have accused Rwanda of giving them weapons and ammunition. The UN declared last year  that both Uganda and Rwanda have given the rebels intelligence, political and military help.

In order to keep order in east Congo  the United Nations started to work with the Congo Government conducting military operations like the one in 2011.

Martin Kobler

Martin Kobler

Such operations have led to thousands deaths. But there is hope according to a representative of the United Nations, Martin Kobler. According to Kobler the recuperation of Kibumba and Rutshuru (25th of October 2013) and the seize of Rumangabo that was recently in the hands of the rebels means that the end of the rebel group, M23 is close. Kobler insists that the rebels have abandoned there strategic positions and that the people are spreading their voice. “The people want peace, the people want to end this war”.

The end of the M23 is a combination of efforts. Without the teamwork of the United Nations, the Congalese government and of course of individuals like the Tanzanian peacekeeper hope for the Congo future would not exist.


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