Is it possible to end the US Cuba embargo?

The UN General Assembly yesterday, Tuesday 29th, voted, for the 22nd year in a row, against the US Cuba embargo, known in this country as “bloqueo capitalista”.

In 1960, Cuba started to expropriate the properties of US citizens that were living in the island, so US government began a commercial, financial and economic embargo on the island.

In February 1962, in the middle of Cold War, the communist government of Cuba, led by Fidel Castro, introduced several missiles on his territory pointing to the United States, with the help and support of Nikita Khrushchev’s communist Russia. So US President Kennedy made a total blockade of the island.

Afterwards, in 1992 US said that they would remove the lock when Cuba becomes a democracy where human rights are respected. This was accentuated in 1996 with the creation of Helms-Burton Act, which states that any non-US company that has dealings with Cuba may be subject to legal reprisals, and that the leaders of the company may not be allowed to entry the United States.

The resolution reached 188 votes for a total of 193 nations. Israel was the only country that joined Washington in voting against the end of the embargo. In 2012 Palau voted for the interests of US but this year they abstained.

“The human damages caused by the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States are incalculable”, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez told the assembly.

“It provokes hardships and is a mass, flagrant and systematic violation of human rights,” he said. “The fact that 53 years later the same policy still prevails is something extraordinary and barbaric.”

To this, the Foreign Minister of US, Ronal Godard, attacked Cuba saying that this country has a restricted economic system towards other countries, that doesn’t allow the progression of the economy, and that the government is hypocrite to ask for economic liberalization when in their own country they imprison people for creating web pages on the Internet, considered by the Cuban government as an attacked to the country’s security.

Still, Godard said that the United States have eased the embargo in this recent years. In 2012 Cuba received more than $ 2 billion in remittances. USA exported to Cuba, even though the restrictions, products that worth nearly $ 465 million, which included food, medical instruments, medicines…

Is this going to be the definitive end of the US Cuba embargo, or there will have to be more votes to solve this problem?


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