The deepest underwater railway in Turkey

The 29th October Turkey, Istanbul inaugurated the deepest underwater railway tunnel name it Marmaray. This day was also important in Turkey because it was the 90th anniversary of Turkish Republic. 

The idea of the project began in 1860. They started to construct the railway tunnel in 2004. The first tube in Europe was in 1942 in Holland. The enterprises that participate in this project are Turkish, Japanese and Spanish multinational call it Obrascon Huarte Lain (OHL) that contribute with 932,8 million euro. The total cost of the project was 3.400 million euro. This tunnel has an extension of 13,6 km and a profundity of 62 m that make the tunnel most deepest in the world.


The train has the capacity of 75,000 people per hour in either direction. The techniques name is Tube. The first tube was constructed in 1894 in North America. Moreover this project will solve the main problem which is traffic jam in the metropolitan city, Istanbul.

The day of the inauguration, the president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan said “I wish from God that the Marmaray that we are inaugurating will be a benefit to our Istanbul, to our country, to all of the humanity”. It is also a project to set peace inside the country. Nowadays, in Turkey there is a confliction because of different political thoughts. That’s why Recep Tayyip Erdogan used tunnel as a metaphor which combines two sides of Turkey like different political thoughts.


In spite of the good words of the Turkish president in29 October, there were 3 hitches in the Marmaray at the first day after the opening. The electricity gone suddenly, because of this situation, passengers had to walk from one side to the other side. The underwater railway tunnel was unable from 14:10 pm. After 30 minutes they repaired the problem and it started to work again. But the Turkish people scared, their trust decreased and their point of view changed to this project.

The ticket, for pass one side to other side costs 1,95 TL. It is cheaper than other transportations which pass between European and Asian Sides.

Yılmaz Özdil who is a famous journalist in Turkey wrote in his column that he won’t use Marmaray to pass the other side of the city. He doesn’t suppose the current government and their projects. Also he does not trust the tunnel security because of the transportation accidents. In addition he specified that he prefers swim rather than to use Marmaray.

Taking everything into consideration, this project will solve the traffic problem and with that it will contribute to the development of Turkey. Secondly passing one side to other will be faster and easier.  But however, it has some problems there are some people who don’t trust this project.

At last we shouldn’t forget that the president Recep Tayyip Erdogan point to this project to take the attention from the Gezi Protests.

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