Inside Story: The so called Syrian Opposition

The Syrian Opposition is a false freedom force, whose members are brainwashed into a lie. When it comes to speak about the Syrian Opposition, one of the first things that we might think about is the Syrian National Council, which was created by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, UK, US etc. This works as its political wing but what we should focus about is their armed group usually referred as the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

The reality is completely different than what media Arab channels are showing, just like Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, which are indeed run stated media controlled by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, same countries supporting with tons of daily weapons, financially and logistically the armed group FSA.

FSA coat of arms

FSA coat of arms

It’s important to recognize that after the first period of riots in Syria, the FSA was composed by a really short number of defectors and lots of radical Muslims from all over the world inspired by other extremist Muslims to join a fictional jihad in Syria, the way to recruit was simplythrough videos on YouTube, on online Muslim forums, through social media such as Facebook or Twitter, just like happened recently in Libya, the links between this so called FSA and the terrorist groups such as AL Qaeda, Ashabaab and Jabhat alNusra cannot be hidden any longer, shown at any moment by the traditional black flag – Laa ilaha ila lah/ There’s no god but Allah – their constant violent actions against civilians and killing and slaughtering those who do not believe in their religion.

It is important to remind that Al Qaeda has been created by the CIA, who created them to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, so that the soviets would not take control over the country giving a geo-strategical advantage against the U.S.

American, British and Turkish agents are supplying weapons to the FSA violating international law, all of this information has been acquired due to the constants clashes where large quantities of weapons and fighters are being sized.

Recent reports have indicated that British, American and French Special Forces have been actively training members of the FSA, from a base in Turkey. The training is also taking place in Libya and Northern Lebanon.

That is the democracy and freedom that the FSA and their western allies are bringing to Syria, a country which was widely known for its tolerance to any religion, cohabitating peacefully for centuries as neighbors, because as Syrians say, they are first Syrians than Jews, Christians or Muslims.

It’s becoming more and more clear that the intentions from the west over Syria is nothing but controlling the region and to create a weak balance in the whole middle east, if Syria falls the next one on the western agenda will be Iran.

It’s never been about democracy or freedom in Syria, it’s always been as in the rest of the other Arab countries, all about controlling geo-strategical points in the region so the superpowers can assure their supply of natural resources, just like natural gas and oil, besides being closer to their potential enemies, such as China and Russia.


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