Migratories rescues for the European Union

The migration had become one of the most important topic that appears usually in the news,some of them ending in tragedy, finally the European Comision is taking care of that.

The latest one hapenned the 3rd of October in Italy, near the island Lampedusa,a boat with at least 500 inmigrants from Afrika sunk. The rescuers recovered at least 380 bodies, it happened by a fire made on board to make the attention to the coast. More than 30.100 inmigrants have arrived by boat to Italy this year. Most of them are from Syria, Eritea and Somalia.

There is a case to prove that some governments can`t  manage the situation of inmigration in their own countries. The expresident of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, eject gipsy from France.

We agree the phrase that Reding (European Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship) said once,”Any member of the state  can expect a special treatment when the fundamental values and european laws are exposed to a risk situation”


(Some french policemen being violent with gypsies)

Following these examples we realized that any member of state is not doing anything to stop this important issue and that they used the power to do an unfair decisions. So after a lot of many years having this situation and  having needless deaths, the Europe Commission is finally going  to take some serious measures.

European Commission's building

(European Commission’s building)

This European Commission aims to provide an alternative to all those people who risk their lives trying to cross their borders to reach Europe.The main proposal that we (us citizen) would give and the European Commission to establish a mobility agreement between the European Union and the countries of origin of these immigrants, is to provide flexibility in the enter to the country in exchange for a better control in the fronteirs.

Hopefully with this new measure this situation, in a near future, would be less serious. And this measure will be useful as well for the relations between the countries in Europe, as now they will work together to improve this migration situation.





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