Madrid garbage crisis

The 4th November 2013, trash collectors began a strike in the capital city of Spain, Madrid. The chaos started in the center of Madrid, Puerta del Sol.images-1

(examples of what you can see in the street)

 This strike include the cleaning of the streets, the care of the parks,and the maintenance of the urban mobiliarity.

The reason behind this sudden action is showing a reaction to the government. All this problems began when some enterprises (OHL, Cepsa, Sacy y FCC) they proposed the dismissed go 1.400 workers of 6000 that they are in total. The worker were not agree with this proposition so they convoke an indefinitely strike.

The council have established some minimum service in the cleaning. The majority of them are concentrated in the most centric area in Madrid, where all the tourism is. So, this situation do not affect to the new visitants, and make the others who are here do not leave.

One on the problem that is happening in these minimum service, is with the workers, who can not work because of the Pickets. So the policemen have increase to protect them.

Citizens are troubled with this strike because they thought that it is a wrong way to show reaction by not collect the garbage, which causes stink and mess on the street.


(examples of what you can see in the street)

 As a result of the strike 40 cars were damaged, 260 garbage containers were burned. People who don’t know about the strike describe Madrid as a “dirty place”.

The Spanish Politician, in People Party Mayor Ana Botella said “the city cannot wait any longer for an agreement” to get street cleaners and garbage collectors back to work. Also Botella added that the garbage is not a public health risk, but the situation had become “intolerable.”


(examples of what you can see in the street)

 Taking everything  into a conclusion, citizens are complaining about this situation but however trash collectors are insisted on not to quit of their strike till they gain their rights. For our opinion, the crisis in Madrid make inroads into many catastrophes. This strike is the prominent example of the crisis. So it seems that it will take much more time, until these economic situation will be solved.


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