By Fair Means Or Foul

We are surrounded of discussions to help the environment. All over the world, people are worried about global warming, climate changing and everything the planet may come through.

One of the solutions created is the Kyoto Protocol. This protocol is aimed to establish a deal and create international discussions to create goals of reduction of greenhouse gases, especially of the most industrialized countries.

Although all this, U.S. is still against the Kyoto Protocol. Why? Because to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, means to decrease the rhythm of industrial production. That means unemployment and recession, and the U.S. does not want it now and do not want to change the energy matrix, what would be ideal. Powerful countries such as the U.S, can change a lot in situations like these. However it seems that, making money, recovering the economy and making benefit through politics is much more important than saving the earth that we are leaning on. In a situation which like this, individuals on their own can organiye till some point but they expect more from their countries and especially from more powerful ones. Because, as citizens and individuals, people can’t get informed or they can’t get aware about serious issues like this. Even they can do it, without the help of governments it won’t be as effective as it would. And at this point, where the situation of earth is getting worse everyday, it would have be the best to first think of our planet than trying to fix other stuff which not that vital at the moment. Because, eventually this situation will come to a point where we can not fix it anymore and on that day, all the other stuff won’t be important anymore. So instead of thinking how to make money or profit, every government should get aware of this serious and getting worse condition of our own planet.

This week in Warsaw, Poland  the COP19 is taking place. This is the 19th United Nations Climate Change Conference, where the measures for this issue are being discussed by countries, enterprises, activists, experts… But the worrisome thing of all is that population is looking elsewhere, ignoring something that make us feel scared and weak. In fact, Democracy Now!, is the only global media that is covering the official proceedings as well as the events outside the Conference.

If pollution to the atmosphere still in the same levels as today, experts said that temperatures will be the highest in 30 million years; sea-level will rise 3-6 feet; droughts and natural disasters will cause hundreds of million of refugees and the half of all known species became extinct. And by that time, it won’t matter if your religion, country, gender or wealth… it will only matter that you’re a human being. And, despite all this reasons, why isn’t the global community doing real efforts to prevent that? The answer could be as simple as terrified: because all the people that are making decisions now, won’t be alive by that time. So as a matter of fact, new generations have to make our own decisions. Otherwise, we will realize that we can’t eat money by fair means or foul.


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