#RipErasmus (?)

Will the Spanish students receive the full Erasmus grant for this year 2013-2014,or will they receive less ?

On October 24, the minister of education in Spain, Jose Ignacio Wert, establish that to obtain government assistance for this Erasmus scholarship students must have received the Ministry’s general scholarship last year. This could have been that half of students, who have already been two months in other countries in their Erasmus year, would not receive their grant.


This produced a great revolution among all students, who began their protests through a social network, Facebook, which in just 24 hours, had filled nearly 5,000 Spanish students in all countries, and through Twitter under the hastag #ErasmusRIP, calling for the refuse of this new intent of the Ministry of Education.


This has caused that the minister Wert, after having spoken to the Prime Minister,Mariano Rajoy, the vice president, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, and the finance minister, Cristobal Montoro, ratified and announced that all students will receive the same economic quantity than last year.


(Wert Joke)

Fortunately we meet some Erasmus student who are going to stay in Spain for 4 month. They confirm that the Erasmus grant should not be reduce, because there is a great experiences to travel abroad, learn other cultures, meet new people, have more confidence in their self, and open more door to the future.

As a Turkish Erasmus student, Kylie Wilbur told that living in Spain is an easiest and unforgettable experience in abroad. She also told that Spanish people are helpful and friendly. Erasmus students get a good friendship with Spanish people and they thought that also Spanish students have to realize this experience. In addition Spain is a country where people suggest to go for Erasmus because of their culture, entertainment, historical background and location. So not only the Spanish people, also Erasmus students all over the world become together in this issue.

The government should stop reduce education expenses. Because if it continue like this, the Spanish quality education will be worst.Our generation are the future of the country, so that’s why its worth it to spend this money.






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