Syria’s Faith

What would happen if the legit government of Al Assad falls, the following article takes a step forward trying to forecast the most plausible scenarios that the fall of Al Assad could carry on.

For a very long time, Syria has been in religious conflict with a lot of countries and also in oil deals with others. If this should come to an end, what would be the consequences? Positive, negative or both? Even though such prediction will not happen in such a near future, it is of our interest to show some possibilities and the advantages or disadvantages of this hypothetical future.

Part of Golan Heıghts landscape

Part of Golan Heıghts landscape

Syria’s most notable starter was the war against Israel in 1973 in an attempt to retake the Golan Heights with Egypt, which they failed. It led them to sign a disengagement deal. During the war, Syria sent troops to Lebanon to intervene in the civil war, to maintain the minorities in power. Afterwards, riots began uprising in Iran, which led Syria to stress adherence to Iran. But tension rose with the US mostly at the beginning of the 21st century, whom President Bush at the time declared them as ‘’axis of evil’’ states. They were accused of acquiring weapons of mass destruction in Damascus. A year later in 2003 Syria denies having chemical weapons, as well as having Iraqis as fugitives. These accusations and threats led to tension between Syria and US, also with the rest of the world.

As the conflict continues in Syria, the possible scenarios for a close future in the region are getting more and more important to visualize them to avoid many of them due to its implication to increase the number of regional conflicts along the Middle East, just like recently the president of Iraq has, Mr. Maliki warned to the possible consequence if Assad government falls. ‘’The killing or removal of President Bashar in any way will explode into an internal struggle between two groups and this will have an impact on the region,” said Mr. Maliki, talking about the already existing conflict along the middle east between Sunni and the Shia. “It will end with civil war and this civil war will lead to alliances in the region. Because we are a country that suffered from the civil war of a sectarian background, we fear for the future of Syria and the whole region.” Mr. Maliki remarked.
The former president of Iraq has not been the only one concerned over what the plausible scenarios could be if Al

Bashar Al Assad, Presıdent of Syrıa

Bashar Al Assad, Presıdent of Syrıa

Assad’s regimen falls, the current conflict in Syria has been described to be a danger to all minorities that live along the region, this conflict has been nothing but a try out to change the neutral and balanced government to a political Shia extremist governance where whoever doesn’t follow the belief of the Wahhabi/Salafist sect might have just a few options as to become one, to pay a high tax to be able to keep their belief or to be killed as a recent interview held by the widely known Sky News to some western backed up terrorist wrongly called ‘’freedom fighters’’.

The independent news source ‘’National Catholic REPORTER’’ which is a independent newspaper journalistic outlets for Catholics has recently been warning about the deadly consequence that the fall of Al Assad would carry out for the Catholics and minorities in Syria and the region, which they describe as ‘’being worse than anyone could even imagine’’. The most recent interview to a Syrian Christian shows how have they been losing their rights and freedom that they use to be before the extremist Islamists got into Syria soil, as described along the interview held on July 27.

That is the reason we strongly believe that at any alternative scenario that could take place if Al Assad falls would bring just more instability, insecurity, an increase of bloody tribal/sectarian wars leading to civil wars along the region, creating bigger instabilities along the middle east, leading to probably new western invasion to more Arab countries, using the false flag of democracy and freedom.


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