Would You be a Mother in Sub Saharan Africa

The importance Sub-Saharan governments put in women and children is ridiculously low. In this region women and children besides having to struggle with discrimination also have to fight for basic civil rights like health care or education. Unfortunately this part of the world is known for corruption, political unrest, diseases like malaria but what about child birth.


Pregnant African Woman.

One in every six women in Sub Saharan Africa have more chances to die during pregnancy or child birth in comparison to one in every four thousand in industrialized countries. This statistic is shocking it is the largest difference between countries.The causes of deaths are very diverse and include infections, hemorrhage, obstructed labor, and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. The cause of such high morality is due to the inadequate healthcare provided to these women.

34 percent of women do not receive paternal attention during their pregnancy. Sub-Saharan Africa has just 11 doctors, nurses, midwives for every 10,000 people. Even more shocking in countries like in Guinea, Niger, Sierre Leone and Somalia there are less than two health care professionals for every 10,000 people.

As the inadequate health care affects mothers in consequence it also affects new borns in Sub Saharan Africa. According to a report by Save the Children forty percent of first day newborn deaths are in Sub-Saharan Africa. At least 20 percent of illnesses that kids less than five suffer are correlated with the mothers health during pregnancy. Also it is very typical for women to have children at a very young age, when their bodies are not mature enough to sustain a child. In too many cases this leads to the mothers or childs death.

Orphan Children in Nigeria

Orphan Children in Nigeria.

Another issue to point out is that if mothers do die during child birth many children become orphans. These children have a ten percent more chance to die during their first two years of life.

This tragedy can be easily prevented because the cause is mostly due to bad health care provided by governments. Governments should pay more attention to the health care they provide and also to educating these young woman about such issues like preservatives. Not only should Sub Saharan African countries contribute but countries all over the World should try to make a difference either though economic help, education, or directly offering medical help.


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