Prostitution in France is now a punishment

On 19th November, French MP have voted a regulation which imposes punishment for sex workers. People who pay money for prostitution will be charged money about 500 euros. If this crime will repeat again, the fine will increase to 3000 euros. The main propose of this regulation is to protect women especially who aged under 18. On the other hand, another benefit of the new regulation is to provide house and financial support to young women who forced to be a sex worker.

People who are famous also supported the acceptance of this adjustment like lots of citizens in France. To illustrate that we can say, the world wide known singer Charles Aznavour and the film artist Catherine Deneuve.

Some 70 French Celebrities and Socialist Culture Minister Jack Lang said that “Without supporting or promoting prostitution, we refuse the criminalization of people who prostitute themselves and those who use their services,” in a statement published in French media. 

The approximate number of people who is prostitute in France is 20.000, about 85 percentages of it its women. In addition, 20 percentages are women who come from foreign countries since last year. 

People who are against the regulation started a campaign which called “Touche pas à ma pute / Hands off my whore”. They defend their acts based on the idea of freedom, as we can appreciate in this example from the “We consider that everyone has the right to freely sell their charms – and even to enjoy doing so. All together, we declare: Hands off my whore!”. 

In Some countries, like in Spain prostitution is illegal. Also in Sweden, Norway and Finland is prohibited, only the customer is penalized, while in Hungary is also illegal but it penalize just women.

On the other hand, countries such as Germany and the Netherlands, have regulated the prostitution as a job, women have a license that allows them to practice they profession.

By this law, there are some organization against it, there is a so-called “the 343 bastards” which is group of customers who claimed their right to “go whoring” freely. Also found in opposition NGOs.

Taking everything in to a conclusion, we think that France did an excellent job about this issue, prostitution, it is a way to protect  women and girls as well, but most of the citizens, specially men, don’t see it the same way as us. Is it fair for the women? they finally got some respect. Even knowing that French government can punish as many people as they want but this will be an issue for the rest of our lifes.


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