Australia explain by a young traveler.

Alicia Akins is a young women from Sydney, Australia that is traveling around Asia and Europe, she wants to learn a little bit more from the history, the culture, gastronomy, art and the beauty of each country.

Talking with her and making some comparisons between some countries that she visited already, she said that Australia is a “young” country cause that don´t have many architecture or old civilizations there, so he was so amazing about the culture of other countries in Asia about the culture, the life style of the people and the traditions that they have.

For example she said that if you want to life a natural experience with animal and good weather and the sea you can go to Australia, but if you want to see architecture from different periods of human civilization you could go better to Europe.

The population in Australia is very kind, cheerful, and helper, but the things about other countries like Vietnam, India, Malaysia,  is that they also are very host and you can feel part of them easily and all people try to be kind and polite with you, to have stranger and tourism is very good for them and they care the stranger.

Continue with Australia, there is  good education, but they don´t teach to people some languages, cause the English is the must important language in the world, but now that she traveled, she see that Australia should teach some other languages cause for the tourism that they receive can be easier to talk with someone and they can help the stranger better.

Australia is a very kind country, cause like in many countries that have tolerance and gender equality, cause all the people can have a good job and they don’t going to receive aggressions or something like that. Australia also is a very calm country to live and visit, cause that have big attractions with their beaches and wildlife

When we talk about the economic situation Australia is and strong country, cause that have a less rate of puberty and they really care about the education of the people, so is easier to people to find a good job and also a good salary.

Australia is a country where you can’t enter easy, cause you need a visa that is complicated to get, also if you want to life and work there, you have to do a lot of paperwork cause they just need people that is prepare, you have to have a carrier and also you need a recent work offer.

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Written By Daniel Mendez.


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