Australia: People and Culture-Eduardo Suarez

Australia: People and Culture


While I was interviewing Nubia I could realize that she is a really kind person and that was really willing to help me in the interview giving me as much details as she could about everything I asked her, that help me a lot because the interview was interesting, fluid and friendly.image

Nubia and me mainly talked about the situation that Australia lives nowadays specifically the social aspects that are very important for me.

In the interview we talked about the different kind of people that live in Australia and how is the relation with the foreigners, my first question was how does people live in Australia, Nubia told me that in Australia people work harder and the lifestyle is really different than Spain’s lifestyle, for example, they don’t have as much night life as Spain habitants do. A point to remark is that Nubia thinks Australia is a country of opportunities for qualified people and this kind of people could have an amazing life back there. She also mentioned that Australia has great social security for it’s habitants, and economic and social benefits that give them a good living standard.

Then I asked her to describe the different cultures that they have in Australia and she told me that you can find a great diversity of cultures, she explained that the reason of that diversity was that Australia was colonized by immigrants, so you can find people from almost every other continent, but she told me that in the heart of the city there are a lot of multinational companies from Asian

After that, we talked about social problems that Australia is facing nowadays, when asking about immigration she told me that she thinks that Australia is a great host country because they treat really good all the immigrants, although undocumented people live under a very difficult situation because in Australia, the have an exhaustive control of population, so it is impossible to get a job without the needed papers. In her opinion the country doesn’t have racial or social problems because everyone who gets into it know that they have to have a certain behavior in order to fit in the Australian society.

I was looking forward to know her opinion about the actual situation of the country. To that point she told me that Australia is having a big and fast development and it is a country of opportunities, it has no crisis, has a permanent evolution and a system that allows people to easily adapt to.

My last question was about her relationship with Australian people

, how is their personality and ho do the treat foreigns. Nubia’s answer was simple “people are open minded and hospitable”, she also told me that people who go to Australia as visitors or to work over there are well received by the locals.





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