” countries with a great future , but major challenges ”




The person I interviewed is called Angela Maria Gaviria Londono , a Colombian who studied chemical engineering in South America and Spain and also in medical bacteriology.

It is one of the employees of the company Blankophor GMBH, whose headquarters is in Germany, but has companies located throughout the world.
This company is engaged in the manufacture of chemicals for the manufacture of paper products. an example would be the optical brightener and matting to color the paper.
The German production is great.
Formerly the factory belonged to Bayer , a chemical and pharmaceutical company , but was restructured and sold .

The strategy to grow the company would differentiate from the competition and invest more in development. It has some very significant challenges as controlling more raw materials coming from Asia. My interviewee put the example that I once asked a Chinese raw materials , this closed the harbor just at the time they had to deliver raw materials. Everything was for the olympic games in china that monopolized all the attention, downplaying else.

Companies have spread throughout the world, and currently has a target : South America.
But there are many problems in their development because of tariffs , which makes these countries more secure.
But this problem has a solution according angela maria , as the South American countries are beginning to use free trade.
A part of this problem , there are more : transport deficit , with a high cost and competition with local manufacturers.
The most suitable places for this company would be in South America Brazil, Chile , Argentina and Colombia because of its territorial extension.

The South American economy , according to my interviewee , is totally contrary to Europe , as the construction sector is very reactivated , as export.
The economy is pretty healthy , growth above 4 % , which is a very high value.
South America is a region that has a lot of raw materials such as gold, oil , emerald , copper, wood … but the challenge is to give value to these materials .

Another major problem of South America is inequality in society and that there is much difference between the upper class and the lower class. In Spain for example there are more levels, but in South America is very radical change from one class to another .

A major challenge for Latin America is education , is the great unfinished . It is investing heavily in this, but it is complicated because countries are very large , such as Brazil and Colombia and greatly complicate logistics .

In summary of the problems facing this region , would be the lack of infrastructure and corruption.

On the issue of corruption is a very general problem affecting all countries but that there might be some exception as chile , notable for its buoyant economy. Colombia is a pioneer of corruption
The guerrillas and drug trafficking much of the national economy, which should be used to carry other things .

At this time , despite all these problems, the future of South America is Spanish . There is a strong presence of Spanish companies like Repsol , Santander, phone and now all major construction as the OHL Group .
The South American society mimics the model in both North American way of life and infrastructure. Which the European North American model is followed before.

The situation has changed considerably since Europe is in crisis. Before traveling to the South American Spain to find work, but now it’s the opposite. Many South American countries are growing and it is a country with many opportunities to find work. Angela maria made ​​me an example of when she travels to Colombia to see relatives and going round the plane crowded, but back to Spain is almost empty .

Angela maria sudamerica summarized as ” countries with a great future , but major challenges ” , are countries with a long future for major world powers, but still have to work at it .




Almudena Cruz López.


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