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Nowadays, Turkey is facing with lots of things about democratical and evironmental.  I had a chance to interview with a university lecturer  from İstanbul Bilgi University with is located in İstanbul, Turkey. His major is Advertising and teaching in İstanbul Bilgi University but he had published eight detective novels since 1999. His books also published in Germany, Spain, Greece and Netherlands. My interview is about what’s going in Turkey in the past 6 months. Now, I’m going to write the maincases of the interview I made with Celil Öker.

Firstly, he is asked about the relations of the Middle East and Turkey and the respond is that he don’t have  much more idea than the general public in countryabout Turkey’s foreign policy and  it’s relations to Middle East. Everyone in Turkey thinks that Turkey tries to make a leadership in that region and he is totally agree with that. But as he said; it’s not a brilliant idea because it can manage the relations between the Middle East countries and Turkey. Secondly, and I think it’s one of the hot topics that Turkey is dealing with several years is United Relations and if Turkey will be in it or not.  As you all know, Turkey is dealing with this situation for years now and i asked for his opinion about it. His respond is not surprising because if you ask to people in Turkey, they will give the same answer like Mr.Öker  did. He says that “I think that there is about 200 years since Turkey look forward to Europe and this effort has been made accustomed, I don’t think that it will go away suddenly.  Of course, sometimes it can be faster or slower according to the changes of the government but this effort will last all along the line. More than economic and easy traveling benefit, United Nations helps people according to human rights, civilization and democracy and it will be going to be like that.”

“…I still keep my hopes alive to see much more independent Turkey in every way. “

Thirdly, a very hot topic different that United Relations were asked to Mr. Öker. It’s about a new subject in Turkey. Since July of 2013, there has been protests in Turkey against the government. People who live in Turkey divided to two parts; people who against the AKP government and people who takes place in the government side. The government tries to govern the public according to the region, Muslim. And 49% of the government don’t want to face with it. The protests were names “Gezi Park” because lastly the government came up with an event. According to this event, they wanted to ruin a park called “Gezi” which takes place on the heart of İstanbul, in Taksim. By saying the word “ruining”, they want to cut all the trees off to make a shopping mall there. Of course, that was the last drop on the glass. Everyone came out their houses to ve part of the protest  in Taksim. The fact that it turned out to be like protest is because the behaviour of the government to public. The government used police as a weapon agains the public and they do it very strength. With the gasbombs and the Toma’s(kind of a tank that shoot people hardly with water) it became larger. When it started there was really few people but when the police started to push the public hard- one week later-  there were millions in the streets in all around Turkey. So, I wanted Mr. Öker opinions  about this situation by asking how did the awareness of people in Turkey changed. He mentioned that Gezi park protests are shown to the government that Turkish people and especially the young ones appeal and has protect in their rights. He also said thatthe effects of these protests are started to appear. He also added “I dont think that there will be any returning to the past and also think that companions was really brave and strong eccept the government.”

Fourthly, because of the government don’t take a step back, we can say that in Turkey, dictatorship is coming up instead of democracy. I wondered that if he’s  facing with any difficulties in his daily life or not. He said “The environment that i live in and the people that i face with are not affecting from it. And even if you look on the daily life, it doesn’t seem very different from 5-10 years ago. It’s painful to see that the people in the government in Turkey have such thing like dictatorship in their mind but I still keep my hopes alive to see much more independent Turkey in every way. “

Lastly, in Gezi Park protests, there was a cencorship in media. In the first police attact June 31st 2013, in the mainstream media channel of Turkey, CNN Turk, broadcasted a penguin documentary on television. Television became one of the weapons  for  government to make us believe in something and they choose to hypnotize the public. He thinks that cencorship that media used  is embressing. He saw a good part in it, other than the mainstream media channels, people found new ones that is being watch less and started to watch them.




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