Time during the interview: Carlos Chaguaceda President of the Institute of Happiness with Coca Cola María Millán Navarrete UEM International Relations AND Translation.

Time during the interview: Carlos Chaguaceda President of the Institute of Happiness of CocaCola with María Navarrete Millán student of the UEM International Relations and Translation.

The director of Communication and President of the Institute of the Happiness of Coca Cola Spain, Carlos Chaguaceda comes from the world of the journalism, his beginnings developed in the economic press, Expansión worked for the newspaper on topics of banking and of bag, later Television began to be employed at Antena 3 as chief of economy, little later as assistant director of informatively and finally as correspondent at Brussels. To his return as correspondent, it was employed for one year at Telefonica Spain and nowadays there shows the Director’s post of Communication and Corporate image and spokesperson of the company Coca Cola in Spain.

It is it fascinating be able to study the development of the balances of power in the world, analyzing the present with regard to the past. To have the tools to put every thing in his context, it gives you an authentic vision of the world. With these words, it opens the jar of the essences of the international relations. To be prepared promoting the curiosity and the imagination, to learn to travel with the mind they are values to bearing in mind very in these professionals. The one that knows a country, wherefrom it comes and to where it goes, why yes and why not of every culture, to analyze how there thinks a possible buyer of two parts different from the world. All this forms a part of the profile demanded by the multinationals.

Carlos Chaguaceda presides at the Institute Coca Cola of the happiness (www.institutodelafelicidad.com) `3 years ago we initiate this pioneering offer, to the being the country first in developing this adventure creating a platform of communication for positive emotions interacting brand and feeling´. The Report II of the happiness, directed by Eduardo Punset, realizing 3500 interviews to Spanish throws between other results that the happiness of a home depends directly on the percentage of unemployed that exists in the same one. The happiness measures up and is quantified along the hundreds of studies and interviews published in his web and with it the knowledge is acquired and the certainty transmits that to major personal effort more facility to be happy.

Coca Cola bases his success on the communication with the client and always it has something that to say with regard to social topics. Chaguaceda is the manager of designing these messages as a whole with the president of the company and sees which is the best way of transmitting to the public what CocaCola wants to say and finally to place on the market the products, across the mass media, the campaigns that it realizes and in general interacting with everything that one that wants to know slightly more of CocaCola.

CocaCola is a universal, accessible and nearby company, has a tremendous logistic distribution capacity, with the biggest commercial fleet of the present world in 207 countries that are all the countries of the world except Cuba and North Korea, and this world presence in the geographical plane close to the presence that CocaCola takes as an accessible product, is what makes it be a grand multinational.

As already he said Andy Wharhol ” for a lot of money that you should have, you will never be able to think a Coca Cola better than that of your neighbor “, that is to say, does not import all that costs a Coca Cola, you can buy in the shop of your neighborhood ask for it as so much in a hotel of luxury that always it is going to know like other. It is this nearness to which CocaCola refers at the moment of help gives everything that one who asks for it, already it is an idea, to mount an exhibition, a career, etc.. Coca Cola is one of the companies of reference at the moment of asking the being for sponsorships and help, one of most known and of major solvency.

In the area of the altruism or philanthropy Coca Cola is the major creator of employment in Africa, which supposes a great labor of help to the development. For a few years the environmental phenomena have played him bad spent to many countries that are in routes of development and do not possess the minimal resources for to settle this series of catastrophes that free themselves immediately after the force of the mother nature, as consequence, Coca Cola started a few series of measures in case of emergency, such as a tsunami or an earthquake. On having been present in any place of the world with a nearby factory, and bearing in mind that to elaborate this product is indispensable the water, resource that they themselves treat in his factories drinkable, because of it when these situations take place in these countries, the orders are: the production of Coca Cola to stop and the water to destine them to potable and her to destine to the citizens affected by the catastrophe.

Coca Cola does not presume of this labor, but the population knows that it is done, especially the people who needs it.

Coca Cola Spain collaborates with such different ONG’s as Intermón Oxfam, Doctors without borders, Red Cross, Foundation “Thyme”, the Bank of food, the Foundation ” The father Ángel “, The Hermanitas of the Charity in Seville, etc .. there are not great the ONG’s in which Coca Cola is not involved somehow.

The company Coca Tail with his 127 years of history has could adapt to the different situations of world crises transmitting his message of optimism and to accommodate it to the times in which they were in every moment. This company knows perfectly that the one that gives the orders on the market is the consumer and that it is his labor as company to make see to the buying potentials that his brand is the best, already be across the international relations, the marketing, the advertising and the happiness.

María Navarrete Millán

Student of International Relationships and Translation.


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