Ricardo Varela, the past and the future of Colombia

 Ricardo Varela Consuegra.


Ricardo Varela Consuegra, a natural man of Barranquilla, is a family man who enjoys life . He currently resides in his hometown , he is married and he is a wonderful father of three independent children. At first sight he might look like an eccentric man, somebody very radical and own ideologies dream man , but deep inside , he is full of aspirations and hopes , he is somebody who did much for his city ​​and for his country long time ago.


Elisa Lozano : Hello Mr. Varela.

Ricardo Varela : Good morning young lady , how are you?

EL : Doing well , thank you for granting me this interview. I really appreciate it .

R.V : Dont worry, for me it is a great pleasure.

EL : Well, many people may not know who you are, but I will say he is a man who has done much for his city . Were you born in Barranquilla, right?

RV : Yes, I was born here and have always lived here . I cant imagine myself somewhere else.

E.L : How was your childhood? Did you consider yourself a happy child?

R.V : Tremendously happy. In my house we were so many that we didnt had always enough for everyone , but overall , I’ve been a very lucky child . Very fortunate to have the mother I have and lucky to have grown up surrounded by wonderful brothers and sisters. I have very nice memories of my childhood and my youth.

E.L : How about school? Have you always been such a good student as you were at college ?

RV : In school I was not always an excellent student , but I was not the worst . During college, I have to say that I really enjoyed studying law , perhaps that is the reason of my excellent grades , but I even enjoy more working as a university professor, is wonderful to instruct and encourage education that makes people better humans.

EL :I was just now going to ask you about your work at the University of the Andes, I can see you are really happy at it.

R.V : Very satisfied. Having been a student and then teacher is wonderful. You see things from a totally different perspective. When you are a student, you think A is always A. But when you ‘re a teacher you realize that A is often synonymous with B, or C. I would not change my current job.

E.L : I am extremely glad to hear that . I am very curious about a particular topic . I would like to know how was your experience during your tenure as a Senator . Could you tell me a little about how you came to exercise such an important position and what conclusions did you get from the whole experience ?

R.V : Absolutely. As you know I exercised law for a long time . I liked it a lot, but the truth is that I preferred to teach rather than to exercise it. About the Senator thing, we could say that I was at the right time and met the right people. I became Councilor of Barranquilla and ended up turning into Senator of the Republic of Colombia for a few years and the truth is that it was a bittersweet experience . On one hand I was very satisfied and I really loved my job and my position , I really believed I would be able to end corruption and insecurity in my country and I began to wonder and I realized I could get much higher. For a long time I wanted to introduce me to the presidential elections, but basically I did not want to leave my home and forget toi forget who I really was. My city , my family were very important for me. I became Councillor and Senator in order to change things , but I learned something very important. It doesnt matters how much you look above, becouse thats the less you see below. Barranquilla is the reason I wanted to risk my life , because maybe you do not know but often becoming a politician here in Colombia is signing your own death warrant .

EL : Why did you left your position as Senator, if you do not mind my asking?

R.V : Dont worry , I’ll be happy to answer your question. The truth is that there are many reasons. On the one hand an ethical and professional reason. I am a loyal and fanatical person of Freemasonry , my life has no meaning without a base and a reflection that has to do with Freemasonry and this type of lifestyle. In my house we have always been very loyal to these Masonic principles . During my time as a Senator I had many disagreements and problems with many people because I did not agree with many of the so called ‘solutions’ that came from above. For me, many actions contradicted my own way of thinking and my own moral principles. On the other hand , we can talk about personal reasons . I couldnt spent too much time at home with my wife and sometimes I literally felt that this job would end with me. Also, my son decided to go into politics so I decided to quit my job and devote myself fully to help and support him in his political career.

E.L : Why dont you talk to me about your son? What are his plans for the future?

R.V : My oldest son was always very curious. Maybe that’s why he decided to follow the footsteps of his father. After participating and winning one of the most important television contests in Colombia and forming his own family , he decided to invest his time to improve Barranquilla. During the 2008 elections, he won a great victory and since then he is the Alderman of this city. My son has always been very aware of his people. Plans for the future? There are innumerable . Alfredo has so many development and building plans that I dont really know how he will make them come true, but certainly I can say one thing , I know my son very well and I know he will be able to improve this wonderful city and make it a better place, with a great life quality and a new, more cost-effective healthcare system.

EL :Have you ever thought of returning to your work? Would you return to practice law or to opt again for a political career?

R.V : Not at all . That is over, and trains rarely stop again at the same old and forgotten station. My years of political glory are over, and you better remember me for what I promised rather than for the things I never really did. I’ve reached an age where I prefer other emotions. Now I am a teacher and Im also a member of the board of the Chamber of Commerce of Colombia , and I am extremely grateful and satisfied with this. For me, teaching and spending time with my family comes first. In addition , we old politicians must give way to the younger generation, for example my son Alfredo Varela. I’m sure that he will go far in politics and that he will do great things someday.

EL : Thank you for giving me a few minutes Mr. Varela. I am extremely grateful and it has been a very interesting interview and I’m sure people will like it a lot.

RV : Thank you dear , it has been a great pleasure and I hope you do well in the future.

E.L : I wish you the same. I hope you spend a great day and I wish the best to you and your family . Good afternoon.

R.V : Thanks , greetings and good luck .


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