Racism and nationalism strike again in Europe

With all the problems that are receantly happening all over Europe, nationalist groups are appearing and gaining more and more importance all over the European geography. Groups such as Golden Dawn in Greece are gaining a lot of importance in Greece and many small nationalist parties of different countries have them as a role model.


picture: the guardian / ap / Nikolas Giakoumidis

As everyone knows, the European elections are going to be held this sunday and surprisingly, the Greek government will allow Golden Dawn to participate in the European Elections although their leader, Nikolaos Mihaloliakos is in prison due to allegations of him being a member of a criminal organization.As we may think this is a crazy action by the Greek government, Golden Dawn has atleast one representative in each region of their country which can tell us that they are the real winners of the past Greek elections.

As Golden Dawn, the new uprising French nationalist party, National Front, lead by Marine Le Pen, has gained importance after the economic crisis that hit the Eurozone in 2008. In the past French local elections, their support has increased to a 32% in the whole country. This is a controversial fact due to how hard and severe Le Pen’s words are; “we are free to welcome, or not welcome, those who want to come”. With that quote, we can see that non-immigration policies, xenophobia and euroscepticism are the main characteristics of this political party, which defends nationalism and protectionism as well.

According to “Barómetro del Real Instituto Elcano”, the way of thinking of Le Pen has also hit Spain, as the number of Spanish citizens that see ilegal immigration as a threat, has increased. The survey collected data which showed that 21% of the people that got surveyd give more importance to this issue than to changing the domestic and foreign economical policies.

Nationalism does not only happen within countries in the Eurozone, this movement has hit the British Islands aswell. Experts expect that the right United Kingdom Independent Party, UKIP, with its chairman Nigel Farage is going to get around 30 percent of the votes as surveys indicate that the UKIP could become the most powerful party on the island. Their campaign comprises a poster which show the British flag burning because of Brussels with slogans like “Take back control of our country”. His party is completely against the EU and wants the discharge of Great Britain as well as no more immigrants.

Switzerland, the country that has gone the furthest with nationalists ideas, in a bid to restart the negotiations with the European Union after they got frozen due to their immigration policy, will grant Croatian workers to enter their labour market. Although Switzerland is not a member of the European Union and is a major trading partner, European Union fundamental policies such as free movement of people and Jobs within its borders have been accepted by Switzerland under a pact with Brussels.


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