Amado Boudou: guilty or innocent?

A judge called on Friday the Argentinian Vice President to testify as a suspect. He is accused of using his influence as a political authority to help a money printing company to go out of bankruptcy a few years ago.

Amado Boudou is the current Vice President of Argentina since December 2011. He has held other public office such as office’s general manager of the National Social Security Administration in February 2001, Finance Secretary (2003-2005) and Minister of Economy (2009-2011).


“Amado Boudou giving a speech” /AFP (2014)

The company that the vice President helped, “Ciccone Calcografia”, at the moment known as “Compañía de Valores Sudamericano”, was as said before a printing company mostly specialized in money (the Argentinean Peso) that had by the period between 2010 and 2012 a debt with the Argentinean Federal Agency of more than 200 million pesos, which is 30 million dollars approximately. It is on this period when Boudou used his influence as a minister to help the company, even selling it to a friend’s company, who renamed it.

After this, the “Companía de Valores Sudamericano” was assigned to print more money and different types of documents of the government.

How has he taken the whole process? Amado Boudou has absolutely denied all the charges against him and declares himself innocent. The punishment would be of 6 years in prison and further prohibition of holding any public position. However, he is still going through investigation because there are not enough evidences to prove his guilt.

Argentina’s government has demonstrated their support to him several times. Recently, the 25th of May on the event of the National Party, the government saved him a seat as vice-president just behind the president seat.

“Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Amado Boudou” /Infolatam

“Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Amado Boudou” /Infolatam (2013)

“I will prove my innocence” said Amado Boudou, who has not resigned yet, on an Argentinean television channel.

But this is not the only case of Latin American politicians involved in corruption: Fernando Collor de Mello, ex-president of Brazil, probably the most important country of South America, renounced after massive protests because of corruption, or Alberto Fujimori, ex-president of Peru who left the country before his accusations of corruption were judged.

If Amadou Boudou went to jail. In Argentina´s image would be even more ruined after years of social and political decadence. What was in the past the “Europe in South America” is now proving to be much less than the others. Nowadays, Argentina have become the fourth economy in South America as Colombia overtook its place by surprisingly getting the third place after Brazil and Chile.

The issues about corruption just keep emerging in the continent and most parts of the world, as in Spain. Latin America, as one of the richest continents with huge amount of resources, is the one that has more inequality due to corruption that affects almost every single country.

“Amado Boudou’s tweet about its innocence”

“Amado Boudou’s tweet about its innocence” (2014)


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