A Moral Question or Just a Matter of Fame?

Criticized by many, Dennis Rodman – former basketball star – basketball coach, actor, and professional wrestler recently affirmed that he wouldn’t return to North Korea.

In his career, Mister Rodman, better known as ‘the Worm’, has won five NBA titles and for seven consecutive times the ranking of rebounders; but he is also well known for his extravagant and bizarre performances outside the basketball field. Mister Rodman has unleashed a controversial issue within the United Stated, due to the increasing relation with the ‘Glorious Leader’, who give him the shoot of public flattery after his retirement by the masses under the orders of the dictator.

Picture 1. Retrieved from: http://goo.gl/10AV3e

Picture 1. Retrieved from: http://goo.gl/10AV3e

The buddy of Kim Jong-Un said that the issues of the North-Korean Leader, like the execution of his uncle, aren’t his job.They only have a good time together; with the person he call friend for life, but also affirms that he won’t return to North Korea if people from America – mostly his fans – don’t’ want that. So he commented on Daily News “I don’t want people to look at me as the devil or evil person”.

Mister Rodman also commented on the nation’s newspaper USA Today: “I love my country America, I love it, I’d never trade it for nothing in the world”, he added, perhaps to respond to the ex-boxer Mike Tyson, who has called him a “traitor”. Due to the actual issues in that North Korea is involved, we consider that it’s quite incredible that such a regime has still preserved through time until the 21st century, when – it is supposed that – democracy and liberalism are the unchallenged notions that subsisted till today.

Thus, regarding the past of Mister Rodman, he represents a symbol for the fight against the lack of liberty. The issues he had to surmount during his career were enough to mark him with a negative social consensus due to his North Korean trips – and the regime it represents – above all, the American public opinion criticized his actions.


The crazy world in which we live can be metaphorically described as a basketball game. Sometimes, it is necessary to ‘fast break’ and counter-attack in order ‘to take it to the hole’; overthrowing all the adversaries. Occasionally meaning that people have to take control over some situations in their life, and in part or even completely assume risks that could change their course.

In real life, Mister Rodman knew how to do it too. He has gone through many obstacles that life has thrown along his path, dealing with ‘’drugs, alcohol and the loss of fame’’. This simply represents a moral lesson, which everyone should take into consideration in some part of your life.

The following question is an uncertainty that everyone should consider at any point of its life.                                                          What is more important: your beliefs – referring to his home country – or life-long friendship?


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