“Everyone who wants can do it”- An interview to a Spanish Businessman in USA

“Everyone who wants can do it”- An interview to a Spanish Businessman in USA

Miguel Angle Miñambres

At the first beginning of this trimester, in the subject current observatory with Alana Moceri as my teacher, the first thing she asked as to do was an essay explaining which region of any of the continents in the world would us like to study during the three months and why. I decided to choose as my first option The United States because, although nowadays we can know almost everything at the moment, I think there is a very big legend surrounded The United States, and we have to take into account always that the only thing that separate us from them is that they have a different language, culture, costumes, ways of living but they are humans too, like us.

For concluding this trimester we have to end it with and interview to a person from our region studied. I decided to resort to a Spanish businessman that nowadays if working and living in United States. Miguel Miñambres gave me the opportunity of interviewing him, in the interview I could know several aspects of the country that I didn’t know about and also how is received a foreigner by them.

The interview started asking something related about his life as a student and what he studied. He studied something entirely different from his current occupation, he studied geology specialized in geochemistry, he carried out a master in department of the environment and finally he done computer studies.

He had been always an enterprising and decided to follow his dream. This businessman started his long travel going to Wisconsin to achieve his first goal, learn English and acquire some experience. Then he returned back to Spain and started his road in the business world working for different types of enterprises. Although, during that learning period of how business worked, he won a project for Amena (nowadays Orange), a Spanish phone company.

In Spain he set up several companies, by his own and accompanied with some friends and his last boss. He formed a consultants’ office, a technology company and one of his last company was one related to analyzed people’s curriculums in order to detect if the curriculum is true or if not. This last project didn’t reach the benefits they expected in spite of being a really good one. This interesting idea didn’t receive in Spain the importance it could have in other places in the world as United States.

Then he decided to go abroad, in particular to the United States and when he arrived there he notice that he felt as in home, his adaptation was really good in every aspect. In personal aspects he was very stable as in work issues, quickly he found a job and nowadays he is working in two enterprises one of these is a Spanish one.

As he told me in the interview “The United States is a country of Opportunities” it means everybody who wants to be somebody in live he or she can, you can see every single unusual job or you can hold whatever you imagine, you have just have goals, objectives and want to spend a lot of time in order to catch up your dreams.

The different ways of living are very large, wealthy people are very rich and the poorest ones haven´t reach the minimum money, so they go to social benefits. We discuss about the current situation of Spain and we can said that not far away this polarization of people could be more remarkable even making disappear the medium class.

According to this, people in United States are not jealous about the people how more money has or more sparkle in their job are, it’s just that they are happy about them and they try to be nearer to that person in order to obtain help from them. However here in Spain is not like that, the most money people have the most they criticized them and try to stop their growth.

Another important issue for me is the one of health system which is not as here in Spain. There is not a public sanitary services but if somebody who has an emergency and doesn’t have money to afford his or her treatment, they have to cure him or her, so that false idea that some people have about, like if they can afford the cure they can be cured, it’s totally a lie.

People who doesn’t have enough money for a fair house, they can go to the helps that give the states; this is similar to “Caritas” here in Spain. Old people don’t have retirement, each person is the one that earns his or her money for the future, and just in some cases the state gives them economic helps, for example if they don’t have enough money for living.

This interview has been an enriching experience in terms of obtain more knowledge about United States, and even more because I could see how a Spanish person showed me that is in love with the country. Although I am not a business student, I found everything Miguel had told me very interesting and from my point of view the business world is quite linked with the International Relations. The main source of wealth from an Enterprise resides, not only  on its improvement in the country of origin, its just that it also is capable of spread itself throughout the whole world. To reach this goal is necessary turn to experts who knows how to “sell” the services the company provides or how to make friendship relations with other companies in order to spread it.

We only have to want to be part of this active and developing world. Opportunities are there we have just to take them and give them a shape.

M ª Lourdes González González


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