In order to make this interview I interviewed Jorge Andres Pereira, he just finished his degree in Foreign Business in the Universidad Piloto de Bogotá. He is 21 years old and he has lived all his life in Colombia. I chose to interview him due to his career which ensures us that he is currently involved and informed about the issues which I wanted to know about for my article. And besides that he has always lived in Colombia, and that is also a guarantee that he has seen the recent evolution through which our country has gone.

The first point we focused on was on the Peace Treaty between the Colombian government and the FARC (revolutionary armed forces of Colombia), a guerrilla group with Marxist ideology which funds itself the money gained from drug trafficking, mostly Cocaine. He, as many other Colombians think that peace is possible, but in the short term. He says- “if there is peace, it will be for a short period of time as many people from the war, so it will come back again at some point, it is sad but true.”

With the current presidential elections going for second round it has been said in Colombia that it is either Peace or war depending on the results. The two main candidates are Juan Manuel Santos who is going for his second charge and Oscar Ivan Zuluaga who follow former president Alvaro Uribe Velez. The thing is that it seems that rather being Santos vs. Zuluaga it is Peace vs. War.

The third aspect we focused on was the fact of inequality related to corruption and the fact of being a rich country. Colombia is the country with more emeralds in the world, the third with coffee, second with flowers. Besides that it has enough resources to maintain itself with no need of imports. Yet, despite to all this richness, Colombia is one of the most unequal countries in the world.  He responds to this by saying “ it is because the money is not evenly distributed, it is all due to what we call rich thieves. It’s the politicians and people with important charges who get most of all this money”.

As for the resources he said that the problem is that Colombia does not have the appropriate means to extract, process and finally use these resources. At the end it is a matter of being developed enough to be able to take profit from these advantages the country has. And that is the point when we get to the next point of the interview, which is the foreign influence in Colombia. In this case the United States of America.

Since the independence of Colombia the US has always been there to help in exchange for loyalty of the country, and of course to gain an ally in the area. This interest in Colombia grew during the 50`s and 60´s when the US viewed Colombia as a country to stop Communism. Nowadays its has evolved even more when Colombia is the only “puppet” of the US in South America, as former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez said. Jorge Andres said “ we Colombians don’t consider ourselves as “puppets”, we consider we are good friends with the Americans, they have helped us evolve and we have helped them by showing our loyalty in Korea for instance. But it would be better to be less dependent on other countries”.


That was the interview, for me it was a great experience. I got to know more about my country from the words of a person around my same age who shares the same interests as me. The only problem with the interview was arranging the time and date due to his time and vice versa, with out taking into account the time difference. But in general I am very happy from the result of the interview, it is a very “beautiful” way of seeing another point of view of something different from the one of the media.




Written by Juan David Suarez Bolivar




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