At the time when I had to make an interview to someone who had to do with the region I have to study, I contacted with an individual I personally knew from the North of France. I thought that it could be a good idea to interview him as he has lived there for almost all his life, until he came to Spain about a couple of years ago. However, something happened and this promising interview could not be carried out, as the interviewee for some reasons was not able to do it.


Then, I decided to get in touch with an English girl I met some years ago, as I thought that not only the point of view of someone older could be interesting, but the one of someone about my age would be quite interesting, as the perspective might not be the same as those who are more experienced in life.


Lucinda Taylor is an English girl native from Chatham who I met some years ago through an exchange program that lasted one week at her Town, and another week at mine. She is currently studying law at the Canterbury Christ Church University at Canterbury. I chosed her for the interview as her point of view might be interesting regarding the current situation about some issues.


After a long time without being in contact with her, we catched up on our lives, and then, I started asking her some general questions.


First, I started the interview asking for her thoughts about their special currency; the pound. She thinks that the fact of opening to the common European currency, the Euro, could benefit at some point the country as it would approach Great Britain to the resto f the European countries and would make it easier the country’s relations with the resto f the EU in the globalized World we are living, though it would supose at a cultural lever for the inhabitants, the change of currency. The Pound is not only a solid system at an economic level but it takes part in its national culture and history.


United Kingdom’s monarchy as I found quite interesting what just happened at Spain with the King’s abdication. She undoubtly started answering without any problems with her personal opinion. She said that England’s monarchy is a solid and stable institution not only at good times, but also at bad ones, which is against the political parties which have problems to reach an agreement of the different ideals which each party has. Also, she said that the image of the monarch is an important fact at the time of relating with other regions such as the islamic countries whose mentallity is quite different from European countries. She explained it with an example: “For instance, it is not the same for an Arab sheik to reach an agreement with a monarch than with a simple minister, as the monarch in England represents the head of the main religion; the Church.”


Then, as a related question, I asked her about the abdication of the Spanish King, Juan Carlos I. She told me that in England the monarchy plays a very important role, but she can understand the strikes that were placed in Spain nowadays because by her point of view, the King has a very important role as a diplomat as he has a lot of contacts all over the world, but this does not mean that the Spanish population has to maintain his whole family. Thus, the Spanish people, as part of the democratic regime that they are living, deserve a referendum even this referendum is not vinculative. But they deserve to be asked about this issue.


As last question, I asked her about her opinion of the big empire that Britain was with all its colonies and what Britain means to the world nowadays. She answered me that Britain is nowadays is one of the most powerful countries in Europe, and even it does not belong to the Euro, this fact makes them strong as they do not have to share the common debt of Europe that was established between the north and the south, and they can apply their own measures with this crisis.


As a conclusion, we can argue that Great Britain even it is not the great superpower with all of its colonies, we can say that it is still very important because they are a quite strategic point in the international trade and they still have their huge influence and strength in Europe because of the history, currency and economy.


By Leyre Hornedo Clavijo


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