Interviewing Cédric Volkman, Genial Media TV.

During this trimester, my classmates and I have been writing group articles, about and specific region from all over the world.    North America has been my region, the one that I choose. For our last assignment, we had to do an individual interview with someone either from our region, or someone how had a link to it. So after contancting few people from America, I met Cédric.

Cédric Volkman Robineau-Bourgneuf is a man born in Seville; however he has the Canadian and French nationality, having lived there for many years. He studied Business Administration and marketing, but he works for the audiovisual sector since 1991, taking a long tour within this sector and working in a joint venture, in public and private sector companies and finally creating his own company, Great media TV.

To get under way the interview, Cedric explained to me a little bit more on detail the working procedure of his business, getting thought the role and objectives of it. Great media TV is a company of production and distribution of series, documentaries, animation and music. Although the head office is located in Seville, Spain, Great Media TV is an international company, with presence in countries such as the United States, France, Canada and China.

The objectives of the company are the following ones: The sale of audiovisual products  to a global scale, to know the needs of the television channels and as the main objective the opening of new fields such as production and the management of artists. To close the issue and description of his enterprise, I asked him what was the thing that grips him most about his work, and he kindly replied to me that “being the single and only one distributor in Andalucía gives me the opportunity to sell my hometown for the world. Moreover, it gives me the chance to meet many wonderful people from Spain and all over the world.”

To continue with the interview, we focus on the audiovisual sector in an international level. He aforesaid that the audiovisual field is living a weak moment, very delicate by the crisis in which we are sunk, nonetheless “it is true, and fortunately this situation has come to us later than in other sectors” tells Cédric. This crisis has joined the fall of the regional TV (where he provided some programming) and the emergence of the thematic channels has slowed the demand of the animation genre, with which he worked much. Also we should add to this the absence of a legislation, which prevents them from acting in the audiovisual sector with a systematical position (attitude) since it does not have instruments of evaluating what the reality is. He stated that “the rules of management required having a productive sector as is the audiovisual, in terms of competitiveness on the one hand and technical feasibility in the other.”

Soon after, we focused our conversation in the audiovisual field of Andalusia, where he currently works. He explained me the characteristics of the Andalusia audiovisual landscape, pointing out that it was an industry that has cost so much effort to become strategic.”It is a sector that was born under control of the RTVA (Radio Television of Andalusia).” As today the chain RTVA lives in a difficult situation that expressly impacts and damages the sector. Even thus he revealed that “It is true that many of these companies manage themselves without the need and no relying in RTVA”.

Finally to end the interview, Cedric wanted to explain me what exactly a Film commission was. “A film commission is an association that is dedicated to provide to the national and international audiovisual producers all the information that they need and demand for the shootings achievement in a certain place.”                                                                                                                         Toward the end of this interesting conversation I wanted to know why a Film commission in Andalusia, to which he replied “Andalusia is a natural and a wonderful scene that serves for all types of media such as advertising, cinema, TV… Right now Seville is fighting to remain like the main set for a next delivery of Game of Thrones.”

In conclusion, I absolutely enjoyed my interview with Cédric, who I think it is an interesting man that has worked hard, and fought to reach his dreamed job and career. I was pleased to hear his experiences from a career that I found interesting since my family also works as him, as well as get some local insight on an international topic.



Anne Loran García



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