“Music must be an effective tool”

As I needed to interview someone from Latin America, I have chosen one of my favorite artists and also, a good friend of mine: Roy Mercurio.

Roy Miranda, commonly known as “L.E Flaco” or “Roy Mercurio” is an important rapper of the past and current musical scene in Spain and South America.

About his origins, he defines himself as “natural from Buenos Aires, artificial from Madrid”. His parents, affected by the Argentinian hyperinflation, decided to move to Spain in the 90’s hoping for a better life, “like most of the immigrants from Argentina at that time” he added. Roy was born in 1981 and L.E Flaco exists since 1998. However, in 2013, after a decade dedicated to rhythm and lyrics, he has the necessity of renewing his style and begin a new life stage “killing the fear of don’t knowing what is going to happen”. That is how Roy Mercurio borns.


Part of “Dremen Team” the day of the videoclip

He is a versatile person. Roy, apart from being in the musical sector and collaborate with famous national rappers, has worked in a street culture magazine called “Serie B”. Moreover, one of his most passionate projects is working as a social educator with non-profit associations, for example with “Magni”, the actual “Garaje”.He always try to establish a link between music and education and that’s why he created a record label called “Thot Records” which is main aim is to promote rappers with educational-social projects and donate benefits to non-profit educational associations.

His social compromise is commendable, with a total of 6 discs putting apart fame and luxuries just to help others. While he was talking about his projects, he seemed to be so proud and enthusiastic. The rapper admitted that “nowadays, my main social project is to use music as a communication tool for changing things”

Dremen Team is a social collective in which Roy also takes part and which I have the pleasure to work with. There are 8 official artists but the truth is that the Dremen’s Family is huge (cameras, productions managers, djs, participants of projects…) and I feel lucky to be in. The music that they create is basically a social protest against worldwide injustices.

Days before meeting him, I structured the interview in 2 areas: World and Spanish issues. After knowing better each other, we started a long but really interesting conversation focused in topics that affect both of us as civilians of Spain and as World habitants.

This descending order really works because gives you the opportunity to make the interviewee feeling more comfortable and freely to speak, dealing firstly with general concerns and afterwards personal ones.

It also helped the fact that Roy and I have met before twice so the atmosphere was full of familiarity.

I open the discussion time asking Roy what he thought that was the biggest problem in the world: poverty, corruption, famines, money, capitalism, lack of solidarity… and he cleverly answered me that the biggest problem is that there are still existing big problems without a solution. He also affirmed that the most of them live in a “destructive harmony” which make them worse and that the responsible and owner of all of them is the human being.

Roy and I

As a meter master, in the whole conversation Roy used many similes and metaphors, which makes the answers unique.

We shared that one of the most alarming problems is the lack of solidarity that humans live with. He compares life with a boxing match: on one side we have money, power, avarice, selfishness… and in the other: coherent, reasoning, rationality, humility… The first ones most of the times win the beating.

Roy has totally lost his faith in politics and he is a Eurosceptical. Some answers of random questions proved it: “the EU project is like a Risk (strategic game)”, “I have to admit that I don’t believe in absolutely nothing that contains the term political”, “business between politics and religion must stayed at Middle Age”. He also loves to use irony and I laughed hardly to some of his answers. I asked him: “Who is your favorite political leader of history?” and he replayed: “Groucho Marx”.

Touching Spanish issues, the first topic that appears was corruption (which have really affected Argentina through the whole history). Roy’s definition was: “Chewing the honesty and human ethical gum while the journalist take the picture and when the press conference is over, spitting it up because the taste is gone”. As a citizen, his concerns are social topics: health, education, home… and when I asked what he would change of Spain, he said: “a 75% of the population. Some persons can’t be repaired”. In our opinion, next generations need to read, study and cultivate their selves to question everything that mass media affirm. Roy states that communication media of Spain are not loyal to their principle of inform in an objective way but if we are talking about a selective, manipulate and interested information, “of course they are extremely loyal”!

We tackle many other topics, which personally enrich myself. He is not a political analyst or an Ambassador but Roy is an artist and a person totally aware of nowadays problems and someone who affirms that the whole world needs a “re-humanize project”.

He tweeted: “Opine and fight for a cause can’t depend on genders/types. The problem begins in that moment, when ourselves separate what affects all os us”



Aránzazu Gutiérrez Ruiz


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