“That was my dr…

“That was my dream”

I parked my car in front of the bar “El Rancho”. The bar was empty, at the end of the room sitting in a table looking to a football match, France- Jamaica.  There he was, the famous Anthony Osayande, known as the killer, the area killer. Anthony had the sport sweat of the Spanish national team, a present of his football coach. Actually his playing in a municipal league with other Spanish citizens. “I love football, it’s the cruel dream I had always in mind, it’s the dream that has take me everything from my hands.”
Anthony Osayande, 28 years old Niger man, borne at Agadez, a northern city of Niger. Finished school as one of the top student of his class, with the chance starting university and the capital, but the life to this young Nigeria changed a July of 2005. Anthony used to play football at his town, Agadez, everyday before and after school in the sand at the outskirts of his town.

Anthony never talks about his hard journey to Spain, who he gave everything for his dream, and he didn’t receive even a small part of what he had suffer and fought. “This doesn’t end here” he reclaim, “ God is always watching, if you don´t persists you don`t gain”


To hear this words from a person that haven’t receive a present, that had to walk throw part of morocco, that left all his family and friends back at home with the hope to reach Spain and effort to get an opportunity in a football team. Its a lecture for a person like me, someone to admire his effort. Sadly he continued with the story who brought him here, 10000 Km from home “I was cheated, cheated in a very cruel way, they putted my dream as a hope and I gave all my past earnings to fulfil my dream, I’ am here.”

Anthony is a young man that doesn’t take a NO for an answer, “Is something I been hearing nearly all my life, always is NO but they don’t give a reason.” At the age of 28 he doesn’t feel the “world has ended here, know I can have more opportunities, I can have a chance of living a better life.” When you talk to someone that sadly has passed a rough life, that has given all his effort to complete a dream, and the life kick you hard its easy to through you from the window. “When you don’t have nothing else, the only way to survive its to escape. My chance to become someone was to come here illegally.”

His face changed of expression; his eyes looked to the TV, images came to his mind. “ It was hard, many days without food and water, waiting the right moment to jump.” How I can explain to him that my government has put those terrific walls to stop people like Anthony not to come, because they are going to use all our resources and they are expensive. What type of humanity we are if we limit the development of a whole country.
The dream of Anthony was to be a professional soccer player, “I dreamed to be like Drogba, Costa de Marfil player.” He thought he got the opportunity back in his country, but a mafia tricked him. “ I gave all what I had, they guarantee me a football opportunity in Spain.” Sadly they trunked his dream to take all his money that years before he earned in his town collecting rubbish. “Since I was 10, I used to help the community, cleaning the streets. If we helped we got some earning, not much, but sufficient to survive and live normally. Know I can’t say that.”

Anthony is like other Spanish looking for job, although he is happy to have a house, and the possibility to go to a hospital due to his residence card. Few immigrants now a day have the opportunity to have the access to this card. Even Spanish have difficulties to have full access to these services.

“Although I haven’t been lucky at my past, a give thanks to God because of the life I can reach now. I’ve called several times home, and the things there aren`t better. I can have food everyday, back at Niger these it’s not possible. Things happened because they need to happen.”

We finished watching the match and talking about the coming world cup at Brazil, “That was my dream.” Anthony finished.”


Juan Ignacio Lejarraga


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