“The Qatari wannabe is not wanted”

 “The Qatari wannabe is not wanted”

Qatar World Cup 2022./http://elmed.io/que-pasa-con-qatar-2022/

Qatar World Cup 2022./http://elmed.io/que-pasa-con-qatar-2022/

When Qatar was elected to headquartering the World Cup in 2022, the decision raised surprise among the football world. Nowadays, doubts about the suitability of this small, but rich country are rising, and the fact that the FIFA has been embroiled in a scandal makes us think that the games should not be hosted in the Arabic emirate.

Actually , the focus of the controversy are the high temperatures that football players and spectators will have to stand; since during summer , temperatures in Qatar rise up to 45 Cº.Along with this, we can also find the comical fact concerning the dress code that is being imposed by the Cultural Islamic Centre of Qatar ,under the catchword “Reflect your respect”, that is calling westerners, who will assist to the event, to dress under the Qatari ideals assuming that no T-shirts, short pants, or dresses should be worn ; something hard to preserve if we take into account the high temperatures this visitors will have to suffer. This controversy led the FIFA president, Joseph Blattler, to admit that “It would be an irresponsibility that the World Cup is played with that level of temperature”, BusinessWeek magazine reported.

Qatar dresscode./http://dohanews.co/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/tumblr_m542roNn2x1qhhgvuo4_1280.jpg

Qatar dresscode./http://dohanews.co/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/tumblr_m542roNn2x1qhhgvuo4_1280.jpg

The “mystery” of how Qatar’s football chief used the country’s vast wealth to help win crucial votes for the World Cup, was revealed in documents leaked to the English newspaper, Sunday Times. Mohammed Bin Hammam made payments of 3.7 billion euros to 30 presidents of African football associations for buying the 2022 Qatar’s World Cup, according to the documents published by The Sunday Times. On the other hand the Qatari organization for the World Cup expressed in an official statement “Qatar won the seat in good law and we are confident that at the end of the process, the headquarters of the World Cup 2022 will be confirmed”.

Corruption, exploitation and slavery dominate the bad image of the wannabe World Cup nation while low cost-workers are approached from neighboring states to do the unpriced work for others.

However, it is also a chance to be the first Arabic country to host the Football World Cup and in this way, get a status in the community of the “big ones”. Apart from the accusations of fraud, which makes us to think that Qatar has not been “democratically” elected; at the end, everything that Qatar earned by the event will be blown away by the sand. The tourists leave; the stadiums will be empty and unused. The country needs time. That is not any racism; that is logical deduction of obviously facts. One day Qatar will be ready, perhaps for the World Cup in 2026, but not now, not as a wannabe.


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