Unemployment has always been present in every country, varying always depending on the country in which it is given and the epoch. Youth unemployment has usually been quite low as this new generations are educated to be the best qualified in order to improve and develop our society. However, since the economic crisis harshly hitted Europe, unemployment has gone off, specially the youth unemployment, reaching scandalous and alarming numbers in almost every country of Europe in comparison with the previous situation before the crisis.

The last European elections results should be a turning point for the next European common policies. Population is frustrated and what we have just seen is something that would happen any other place after suffering a huge economic crisis and not seeing short-term reUntitledcovery signals. Although population has little to do with what has happened, Many Spanish people complain about their invidious employment situation and saying that this is a problem in whole Europe. Which in fact, most of the regions which have the highest rates are located in Spain, like Ceuta, las Canarias or Andalucía. But if you have a closer look on the data from April 2014 you can easily see that most of the concerned countries are only in the South or East of Europe. In contrast to this, for instance, Denmark´s unemployment rate reclines 12,4 percent and Austria has only a number of 9,5 percent. Moreover Germany plays a special part in this comparison: With 7,9 percent, it is the country with the lowest rate in the whole EU, although there are many foreigner coming from Southern Europe to work there. It has obvious reasons – a good political system, a high-quality education system and open-minded enterprises. As the level of education is very high in Germany the companies are exposed to hire young and innovative people who just finished their degree.

I think that we complain easily and we prefer to have “bad” solutions that only cover the surface of the problem and be satisfied with that rather than waiting and solving the problem deeply; and rivals feed the anger of citizens with this poor arguments. What is clear is that the EU needs to be renewed; we have to change all bad mechanism that were not working before and prevent new economic catastrophes and I think the next years can be a good time for Europe as a whole, people quickly will calm down their opinions if economic incomes come in their homes. If the European parliament and commission do proper changes and new policies, as they promised, the competitiveness of the Union will increase and so, the competitiveness of each member. We have all necessary tools, means, minds and opportunities, just let’s do it using common sense and thinking that the well-being of one is the well-being of all us at the end. Youth unemployment will decrease in the next years, as some has estimated. Spain will be one of the countries that will notice that, young graduated will not have to move abroad in order to find a job, good quality workers are offering their skills to others, they will be now able to offer them to their own country

As a conclusion, even though unemployment rates are quite high, the situation will be improving in the next few years, recovering from the terrible consequences of the crisis and lowering the youth unemployment by letting place to new generations to accede to qualified jobs.


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