Interview with the Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Japan

My interview with the Chief of mission of the Japan embassy Sir Keiichiro Morishita (since 2012) was a great experience. The Chief of mission gladly accept my offer to do him an interview and in the interview he talked about the 400 anniversary of the relations between Japan and Spain: “The dual year”. The Minister Sir Keiichiro Morishita studied Internationals Relations in the University of Tokio, and work in Belgium, Mexico and now in Spain.


Sir Keiichiro Morishita doing a meeting in the Deputación de Pontevedra


We started with the simplest questions: What is the image that Japan wants to show to the world? And, What agreements have Japan and Spain? He started saying that Japan want them to see as a country looking for the global peace where everyone will live in harmony and peace […], and respect the agreements they made, there are 2 recent agreement: Agreement for development and cooperation of technology & scientific and Agreement of free trade. When I asked him for an agreement about the proliferation of the Spanish economy in Japan said that they working in an Economic Partnership between Japan and European Union.


Later we talk about the King Juan Carlos I abdication and he said that the Casa Real (The Royal House) and the Casa Imperial (The Imperial House) always had a very good relationship and they will always supports the monarchy in Spain and if Spain will became into a republic, Japan will still having Spain as a good friend. Talking about this relation Sir Keiichiro Morishita said that the year 2013 and 2014 are the years of the dual year relations between Japan an Spain. About the Immigrations policy the Chief of mission Keiichiro Morishita of the Japan embassy said that this is an issue with no changes, as his opinion. That the population is becoming old and probably will need foreigners to make Japan a country with young people.


After this, we started with the foreign policy question to Sir Keiichiro Morishita and I asked about the relations with South Korea: “We have good relation with South Korea but… we can say the same thing with North Korea, there is still an open problem with them, is a very dangerous issue” said to me the Chief of mission. But Japan wants and try to control this difficult issue to reach the peace.

After a long time talking about, I asked him about the Senkaku islands (There is a territory dispute for an amount of island near China that years ago, China gave this island to Japan and now want to recover them) that if they going to resolve this problem using military force or in a pacific and dialogue way. “In legal point of view and in a international law point of view those island are from Japan” -the minister Keiichiro Morishita said- […] “China always try to get what he want and also too by the hard way and this last months China has over-flight those island and that action make more tense this situation” […] “but always if there is a problem it is has to be resolve with dialogue”. Related to this we continue talking about the energetic problems after the Fukushima earthquake, the Minister said that all the nuclear plants are closed and with very few revisions […] Japan has few natural resources, mostly they lack of petroleum and now they have to import a lot of petroleum and there is were the Free Trade Agremeent with Spain appears.

There is still a lot of work to do to clean al the zones affected of the radiation.


The last two questions were related to the Japan culture and way of life: Why the suicide because you are not productive is fomented? “We are very worried about this issue, is a very delicate issue” – He said – Japan is going to open a 24h line for the people with intention of kill themselves where you can call if you want to suicide and they try to convince you to not suicide and he continue talking about the reasons of the suicides: The job, the family, bankrupt… And the last question of this interview was: The Shizazu enterprise had a project few years ago to build a gigantic pyramid in the Japan bay were 75 thousand people would live, and it will be like a hierarchized society? His answer has short and clear: *laughs* “I never heard about that project but it will be impossible with the actual materials, but I hope that the pyramid never gets built”


By. Jaime Guedón


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