The 10th, of January, a 10 year old girl, that was previously kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram, went into a Nigerian market, with a bomb strapped to her body and killed 19 people.

Boko Haram, a jihadist islamist group, whose the current leader is Abubakar Shekau, launched a series of simultaneous attacks in northern Nigeria. They have for objective to establish the sharia in the whole of the country. Since one month, the terrorist group progress in the North of Nigeria, and in borders countries, killing and burning villages of the area.

Last July, they had already tried to send a little girl, of ten years old, who was wearing an explosive pack, in the State of Katsina, but this tentative failled. This kind of attack is very frequent from the group: they also plan to use animals which wearing explosive as a suicide bomber.

One of the most shocking attacks of this group took place the 10th of January on a Saturday morning, when an explosion occurred around 12:40h. The group had strapped a bomb on a 10 year-old girl that finally exploded in a crowded market in Maiduguri, a large city in northeastern Nigeria, in the state of Borno.

Soon, Boko Haram claimed to be responsible of this attack, a new that spread worldwide in a matter of hours.

At least 19 people died in the explosion, including the bomber girl, and other 18 were hurt. The explosion cut the body of the suicide bomber in two, projecting a part of the other side of the street. According to Ashiru Mustapha, a member of a local group of self-defense, the bomb exploded while the child was being body-searched at the entrance of the market.

There is no reason to justify the behaviour of this terrorist group, but they certainly have a specific aim.

Their objective is to impose the “sharia” among the area that has the highest population of Africa: Nigeria. This region is divided into a Muslim majority in the North and a Christian one in the south.

The clear division causes a rejection of the “sharia” principles in the South, which are so important to Boko Haram and their supports. Basically, Boko Haram uses exactions, massacres, attacks and kidnappings, in order to make the countries adopt their political and Muslim measures.

The use of children in their attacks has a hard to hear explanation. Boko Haram aim to shake up the international community and make the developed countries feel weak and powerless. Another reason would be that children are innocent and pretty easy to manage and influence. It is almost completely impossible to detect if a young girl goes into a crowded market with a hidden bomb.

In the recent years their attacks have been intensified in order to challenge the Nigerian army. Their ambitions may have been expanded to the total destruction of the Nigerian government, a threat that can become part of reality someday.

Because of this attack, the African Union began to take some restrictive measures and help the Nigerian government to avoid that this terrorist group continues to extend all over the region.


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