The contradictory death of Alberto Nisman

Alberto Nisman

Alberto Nisman

The argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman died under strange circunstances a few weeks ago. He had drafted a request for the arrest of President Cristina Kirchner, acussing her of helping in the case AMIA, Iranian officials not to be arrested for a attack in a Jewish center in 1994. Nisman drafted a version of its complaint requesting the arrest of Kirchner for concealment.

He wrote a deceased finally discarded his complaint against Cristina Kirchner requesting lawlessness and the arrest of the president, the Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman, and activist Luis D’Elia version.

Cristina Kirchner announced the creation of a new Federal Intelligence Agency: “a system that has not been diligence and has not served the national interest”, she said. The CIA believes that the death of the prosecutor Alberto Nisman is due to infighting of the Argentine secret services with the government of Cristina Kirchner and Iran had nothing to do with the case.

At first, The President of Argentina was certain that had been a suicidal case. But now, with the evidences, Kirchner has taken a 180 degree turn in her views on the death of the prosecutor. Now, she is convinced it was murder and purpose of it was to enhance the ‘complaint of the century” of Nisman against it.

She has one more year of government, which means she should have time to improve her image, that it’s very contradictory right now. The people of Argentina weren’t happy with all the contradictory informations about their president. They have made a lot of protests, asking for justice, meaning that he was probably murdered and he was suffering threats all this time.

Evidences are not clear yet, however it has been showed that the shot that killed Alberto Nisman was not in the temple, but in the right temporal parietal, about two inches behind the ear, it doesn’t cancel out the hypothesis of suicide, but neither cancel out the possibility of homicide.

Kirchner now it’s not very popular in Argentina, there are a lot of circunstances and facts that shoud be clarified, about the government, about the latest developments that were found and she is under a lot of pression in this moment, and hopefully the facts will be revealed.


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