The Petrobras Case

An scandal of corruption in the Brazilian oil company Petrobras whose scope was revealed this week that the Dilma Rouseff (President of Brazil) political party was involved.

This scandal is about presumptive millionaires bribes to local politics by construction companies which won contracts among 2008 and 2012. The former director of Petrobras Paulo Roberto Costa in exchange to his reduction of sentence gave to the Brazilian justice a list of  the presumptive politicians involves, in this list appears one of the high ups of the Rouseff’s political party,(PT) the former minister of energy and mineral resources Edison Lobao the senate president Renan Calheiros, the deputies chamber’s president Henrique Alves and also three governors of states were Petrobras was making a lot of investments, states like Pernambuco were Campos was governor among 2007 and 2014

Also international companies were accused to pay bribes, a shipbuilder company of Singapur and three brazilian companies with Japanese shareholders according to Pedro Barusco former director of “Sete Brazil” a leasing company in charge of the construction of twenty-nine drilling rigs for Petrobras by shipbuilders, made ​​allegations of Brazilian companies and Singapore in testimony to the police. Barusco said two companies of Singapore, Keppel Corporation and Sembcorp Marine, are among the five shipbuilders who participated in the plan of bribes for contracts which also included officials from Petrobras and Sete Brasil . The testimony of Barusco, who admitted he is Sete Brasil officials who received payments

Shipbuilders had to pay bribes of 0.9 percent of the value of contracts with Sete Brasil to a group that included Joao Vaccari Neto, treasurer of the PT and a number of officials Sete Brasil and Petrobras. The companies involves in this scandal refuse and reject any participation on bribes and also Vaccari denied to receive payments from these companies

Aécio Neves the candidate of the opposition party rush to ask responsibilities for according to him: “the most seriously allegations of corruption in the whole Brazilian history” and also said that the PT has been stealing the state companies to consolidate their power.

Rouseff is the most affected in this scandal insomuch as she has been controlled the company for the last twelve years firs when she were minister and now as president, in less of one month after start her second term her popularity plummet 20 points and she went from 43%  to has 22%. For the 46% of the Brazilian people rouseff lied to won the elections and a 77% think about the scandal that she knew deflected founds.


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