Talking with Antonio Fornieles, What is happening in US?

 Bandera de Estados Unidos

Maria Cristina Hernando Suero

-MADRID- Antonio Fornieles is a graduate in economics sciences and business by Universidad Complutense de Madrid . He was named as a general director of operations of revision area about sum in KPMG.

Currently he is  Independent advisor coordinator and second vice of  Abengoa

Abengoa is an international company which function is to apply technological solutions to  sustainable development  of energy and environment.

The majority of business that this company carry on are mainly outside Spain .They work all over the world, but mostly in the United State.

The purpose of this interview is to know more about the United States in the different aspects that are involved currently , for example :  the relationship between Cuba and the United states , The Jihadism , the economic situation , The conflict between Russia and Ukraine and also , about oil and renewable energy . For that reason, today I count with the opinion of Antonio Fornieles .

I think he is a great person and a great professional . He is good in his job and he has a long working experience about the relationship with US and foreign countries and he answered to my questions very friendly .

We started with a topic that has shocked the whole world .

A couple months ago, the world looked to the United States and Cuba as the reason for their converstations. We don´t know what could happen or what type of international consequences could have this issue.

Antonio affirmed that the Cuban case was an anachronism. The Cuban immigrants in the United States always have had a strong politic strength, that’s why this conversations have taken place. This will have certain repercussion and it will affect Cuba a lot more than it will affect at an international level.

Another of the important aspects is to know in what situation is the United States situated, more specifically which are the principal problems the United States is going through.

As Antonio said “United States has problems, but it still is considered the first power in the world. It is obvious that it has problems that need to be solved but is also where more nobel prices have been given and where more intern benefit is found. The problem is that there is a high social difference as well as having the most expensive healthcare in the world. Obama wants to solve all these problems. Comparing the United States with Europe, another problem is the train and roads infrastructes”

Continuing with the United States problems, we have the 11S terrorist attack:

“ Yes , of course. The terrorist attack marks a before and after. It is an issue that it still need to be solved

When a country is more stable the risks of having a terrorist attack decreases. The only solution is to get to the root of the problem which means an economic solution”

Continuing with the terrorist issue, nowadays we find ourselves in a very sensitive situation when it comes to the Jihadist issue. We have no idea what it could happen.

According to Antonio Fornieles, right now the United States is using more soft power than it is using hard power.

We also need to have into account, that the United States always have the main character role in the world, in any conflict that we can think about, the United States is involved. When it comes to the jihadist problems, this issue will not be solved until someone gets to the root of the problem.

Another problems covered nowadays, is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Many people think that this conflict together with the role that the United States is playing there could be a future second Cold War or the possibility to get to an armed conflict.

“ It is complicated to get to a Cold War. It is very surprising how Putting is capable of doing certain things and be able to say that he is doing the opposite with an unexisting feeling of guilt. Putting, to avoid his problems it is being a lot more intervencionist with the countries that belonged to the Soviet Union. I don’t want to think that we might get to a Cold War once again because there are open routes for dialogue, but Putin is showing that he has a capacity to change the natural way of things, the most recent example would be the assesination of Boris Nemtsov. I want to believe that we are not going to get to a generalized conflict but it is true that we should look for a solution with the possibility of negotiation and it has to be, not only with the participation of the United States but also including Europe action.”

Changing topic and the last one, we move to the topic that includes the United States and half of the world that controls oil, more concrete fracking. We don’t know if the decrease of oil prices has something to do with fracking and in what height this could affect the relations between the United States and the countries that produces oil.

According to Antonio   fracking affects to the decrease of the oil prices. Fracking has allowed the United States to generate back all the oil that consumes and the necessity of the oil imports and this is what has desequilibrated the market that was before the use of fracking

Nowadays  we are in a situation a bit strange because in less than a year the oil prices has decreased half its actual price, a part of the fracking, what it has been included is the Arab countries since they have decided to inhibit the management of the oil offer and that is what has mainly provoked the decreased of the prices.

Antonio thinks that the relation between the United States and Russia is affected with this but it is not as affected as the relations between the United States and the Arab countries because the oil price will grow eventually and the reserves will be consumed and new ones will appear because the technology that is being developed to find oil locations has improved a lot meaning that it could be extracted in a more economic way and that will allow them to keep maintaining the oil sources. Therefore, it is hard to know how long it will take but what it is very clear is that it is not sustainable.

As a conclusion, the United States is going to have a harder time to get along with Russia than it will take to get along with the Arab countries.

So I conclude this interview here . I think that it was a great experience to contact with Antonio  and  to talk about currently .

With this interview we can learn more about why and what happen , and to understand the status of US.


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