The peace pursuit

Iván Trujillo
The Peace Pursuit
Iván was the best student in all of his studies since school to college, now he is working on the Colombia’s embassy in Washington, with a BA in political sciences, now is one of the youngest person working for a foreign affairs office in his country. Now and after 3 years working beyond the borders of his country is time to ask him something about the Colombian peace process.

230117_10152245366300627_1897364452_nAnd the first question could not have been other that why after 50 years the peace does not come to the Colombian people a question that concerned all the Colombian population, but as Ivan said peace did not come until nowadays because: “The conflict had not reached a point where the parties have objective reasons to find a solution of a negotiated peace with each other, in the case of government and the FARC.”

In spite of have already passed some presidents but the current has something that the people trust, things like:“The government has acted with absolute prudence and thoroughness in each approach, conversation and peace negotiations with the FARC.” At majority of documents and interviews people just heard about the FARC like if this was the only armed group in Colombia or if only finishing with this group the peace could come but its more than that:“Peace is not to end an armed group. Peace, rather than defeating the enemy in a conflict is to build the guarantees that in the future there are no enemies in conflict.’’ a very interesting point of view in compare with the idea of the former president Alvaro Uribe Velez who thought that the direct confrontation acts against FARC will be the way but he did not regarded that “military victory occurs when you can change the enemies’ will of fight and their attitude of want to have in war things, things that they should have in politics’’

A good part of the Colombian population are skeptical about the success of the peace progress, is pretty hard to not take in account that is not going to be easy get a natural transition between violence and peace, many generations grew with this conflict in their life but like all the process, needs time because: “peace will be a collective learning for all of us. It’s not something that you are prepared; it is something you crave because you have not experienced before. Depends on ourselves discover that answer.”

all the conflicts around the world always have a winer and a loser but not only on the battlefield can win or lose, are many external actors and not all are agree with the end of the conflict: the gun dealers, the drug dealers, in this case in particular the drugs traffic are one of the most important issue becoming in “the main fuel of the conflict” but also can appear internal factors like conflict of interest among the political parties of the country high levels of corruption but “its a risk in all peace process”

At the end like always in a conversation between Colombian people can feel a strange atmosphere of hope, thinking that some day “the peace will come for us and for our children”

Juan manuel Trujillo


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