When i asked about the current situation of the country,he said that the country is not going through its best, not only economically but also socially because of the great inequalities is crossing the country with serious problems such as the difficulty to access basic necessities.
The policy is conducting Maduro is being continued criticism from the opposition because of their inefficiency and not due to the serious problems of unemployment and corruption within public agencies of government. As the high crime rates that are shaking
the country.
Also he put me an example of the situation so alarming that lives the country (The other day a fellow faculty told me that his mother had to wait about three hours in line to buy pork and finally could not buy it because they had no stock)

In terms of economic progress he said which according to government sources Venezuelan economy grew 2.6% in the fourth quarter, but in any case these data are Maduro‘s government facilitates and shortly correspond with reality as latent misery of Venezuela is undeniable.
Economic growth is one of the great battles of the government at that moments, despite being a powerful oil producer in the world.

Speaking about the last problem referred to US,absolutely true, this time the government of Maduro decided to divert attention with another of his shunting when the country is not the most ideal situation because all their troubles about social,economic and policies irregularities, as it has done since he became president
The idea this time has been mobilized 50,000 soldiers to protect their territory in a hypothetical case of US invasion after the last tension event occurred between the two countries.

He also wanted to ask about the connection betweenwe” and Venezuela, to which he replied that it is obvious the connection between the two organizations because of the similarity of their programs, but it is a great debate that both parties, the Venezuelan government leaders can deny that there is any relationship between them, diverting thus any questions you may be to the public opinion, but in practice it is true that relationship has existed between certain controls “WE” as is the case of Juan Carlos Monedero with advice to governments of Venezuela, so I would say that of course has such connection existed.

About the reality of Venezuelan democracy he speculated,a theoretical and political effects can say that Venezuela is a democracy, but for practical purposes doubtless things change, since a large percentage of the country’s public opinion supports the regime Maduro at all costs, but otherwise there a latent opposition denied the right to certain freedoms and recognizes some kind of repression by the government, so for that view could understand the idea that not entirely consensual democracy.



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